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View Article  Survey - Understanding Dogs
Hanne is gathering research to help produce results to show how we humans interpret dog's behaviour and their body language, which can often lead to misunderstanding and problems ...   more »
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View Article  The canine brain - the function of the three main areas

The canine brain - the function of the three main areas and how the brain receives and transmits information to ...   more »

View Article  The mental and physical changes that take place a a dog grows older

As a dog grows older both mental and physical changes take place; an outline of the changes that take place ...   more »

View Article  The mental and physical development of the puppy from birth to 12wks

The mental and physical development of the puppy from birth to twelve weeks, and the effects of the interactions which ...   more »

View Article  A guide to socialising a puppy from 8wks to 12wks old

A guide to socialising a puppy which could be used from purchase at eight weeks until the puppy is twelve ...   more »

View Article  Factors you should consider in choosing a family dog

Many people choose a dog based on experiences from their past. They may have fond memories of a dog once ...   more »

View Article  How a family dog might learn his behaviour
The behaviour of a family dog is the result of many factors. Some of these may include heredity, natural instinct, basic senses, past experiences and basic drives. In analysing how a family dog might learn its behaviour, it is important to look at two schools of thought, ‘nurture’, where the dog learns how to behave, and ‘nature’ where the dog uses its animal instincts.   more »
View Article  Problems you might expect with rescue dogs and whether they should be considered for a family home environment
Being able to re-home a rescue dog and provide a loving environment gives owners great pleasure.  Many dogs find ...   more »
View Article  How to ensure your dog and baby bonds - by Jan Fennell

We are now in the 21st Century, yet there remains many myths that are considered good advice...   more »

View Article  The value of pets to humans
Definition of ‘value’ – “the regard that something is held to deserve; importance or worth.” Definition of ‘pet’ - “a domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure.” Pets have value to humans in a variety of ways. Many people keep pets for companionship or pleasure but this value extends much further than this into work assistance, mental and physical healing, parental fulfillment and education as this essay will demonstrate. Although all pets have a value to humans the majority of research has been centred on dogs, and as such, we will concentrate on this area.    more »