Wednesday 1st June; The boys gave me a warm welcome for their last walk with me today. We headed off into the sunshine up the stairs and they showed me their best heeling into the woods. Up in the fields the boys charged around from bush to bush scenting and sniffing their way along and having a munch on some grass for good measure. Smithy couldn't resist a paddle in the trough and seemed very pleased with himself. We spotted a few walkers and their pets in the distance as we looped around the big fields but the boys were far more interested in the exciting smells emanating from the cut grass. A welcome wind lapped across the boys and I keeping them cool as we walked by the shade of the trees. Soon it was time to head home and I gave the boys a cuddle in the fields and told them that I would miss them very much but know they'll have fun with their new walker. Back home I gave Smithy and Mason some water which they gulped down then said my final goodbyes and gave them a doggie biscuit each, leaving them to happily munch away and I said goodbye to Chloe. See attached photo.

Tuesday 31st May; When I arrived today I made a big fuss of the boys then changed their water while they calmed down a bit then we headed to the park. There was no one about today and the boys had great fun taring about together and chewing on lots of sticks! We wandered across the hills then up in to the woods where I played hide and seek with them. Smithy found me first every time and bounded over tail wagging very proud of himself! Mason found a big old stick to run around with and Smithy attempted to get it from him but couldn't! I ran about with them both and they bounded around my feet, Smithy went all silly as I chased him about we had great fun before it was time to start heading home. When we got back I gave the boys both massive hugs and so much fuss, it was really hard to say goodbye. It has been an absolute pleasure walking Smithy and Mason and I will miss them very much! I gave them both a biscuit and one last goodbye then headed off. All the best, Bryony.

Wednesday 25th May; The boys were very interested in the smells eminating from the rubbish bags lining our path to the steps like a sort of parade. The bin men spoiled any of the boys attempts at getting to them as they loaded the bags into the truck. The German shepherd woofed away at us as we walked passed the back of the houses and through the woods we met a feisty jack russell. Mason was very good on the lead and Smithy stuck close as we walked into the fields. The boys did their poops and lots of wees before we kicked up the recently mowed grass in the cow field. As the farmer was going about his work we looped the second other fields rather than get in the way of his tractor! Smithy and Mason enjoyed a nose through the fences and passing gardens as we made our way around, their tails swaying in unison. We slowed down as we made our way through the woodland so they had a chance to cool down. At the house I popped two bowls of water down for the boys as they were thirsty. They then enjoyed a doggie treat each before I said goodbye for today. See attached photo.

Tuesday 24th May; It was lovely to see the boys today after what feels like forever! I gave them big cuddles and lots of fuss and they wagged their tails like mad. We headed out and down the road towards the park. Hanne had told me Mason had done something to his leg and had to stay on the lead which Smithy wasn;t too happy about! He jumped all around him wondering why he wasn't rushing about with him. He soon got ued to it and they both had a good sniff along the path. Mason found a tnnis ball and had a bit of a chew on that then carried it around for a bit. Smithy didn't stray too far from us and was having a good sniff through the woods. We bumped in to a lady with her Boxer and king charles spaniel. Smithy went over for a quick sniff then wandered off, Mason didn't pay any attention to them and was quite happy sniffing about and trying to get treats out of my bag! We had a lovely walk around the woods before it was time to head home. When we got back I refreshed their water and said my goodbyes. I was quite upset as it's my last week next week and not sure if I will be witht he boys again so I gave them lots of fuss and hugs before giving them a biscuit and leaving :)

Monday 23rd May; The boys were very happy to see me and they soon settled we headed out to our favourite walk through the woods and fields. Mason walked beautifully on the lead and Smithy stuck close by as we made our way around. The sun shone down however the blustery wind kept the boys cool. Smithy and Mason enjoyed some grass munching. We looped around and soon it was time to make our way. The boys enjoyed some water which I topped up and I left them happily munching a doggie treat. See attached.