Thursday 26th May; Darcey and I headed to the allotments and the rain came down. Darcey seemed to attract a fair bit of vegetation as we made our way through the long grasses and onto winding footpaths of the allotments. We had the place to ourselves albeit for some squawking birds. Darcey enjoyed thrusting her nose deep into the ground wiggling at the scents she was picking. Soon it was time to head home where she was reunited with mum. See attached photo. I will see Darcey again later.

PM;Darcy went on her rainy date with Howard this afternoon. I'm not sure why but the pair of them decided to walk rather than through the footpaths to the fields, road walking and nosing in people's gardens was the order of the day. So that's what we did. The pair of had their usual admirers as we made our way around.  Then the heavens opened and the three of us got pelted with hail stones!  Just as well as at this point we'd made it under cover near the building works, so it wasn't long before Darcey was back home and in her warm bed munching treats.

Thursday 19th May; Toby and Darcey went on their play date we went to the canal fields for their walk. The pair of them are very funny together because all they want to do is sniff every blade of grass and bush. Toby and Darcey did some en masse pooping and weeing, covering over one anothers spots. We spotted the lady with the two dalmatians while we were out and rather unusually her dogs were being well behaved (probably because she wasn't yelling her head off). Soon it was time to make our way home for fresh water and a well earned doggie treat. See attached photo.

PM; Darcey had a double date this afternoon as she not only went out with Howard but we bumped into Emma (our old WTD walker) with her lovely Newfoundland Marley.  They all had lots of bottom sniffs and wags and then Darcey got more confident with him and a flirt. We walked to the meadow and pottered around - lots of sniffing about and bottom wiggling before we made our way slowly back. Darcey met lots of people on route back - mainly elderly people coming out the Church and she was a little flirt and received lots of attention which she loved.  She hopped into the car to say goodbye to Howard, then I took her into the house where she chomped down on a doggie treat.

Thursday 12th May; Toby and Darcey went on their play date and we walked through the footpaths and meadow towards Hang Hill. Darcey and Toby did lots of sniffing, tail wagging and scent marking as we navigated our way around the trees and long grass. We walked back via the allotment and meet three terriers and they all had a bottom sniff.  Then it was time for Toby and Darcey to say goodbye until next week as we made our way back home for fresh water and a doggie treat each. See attached photo. Louise will be with Darcey later.

PM; Darcey had her playdate with Howard this afternoon. We pottered around the block and the dogs had a nice time sniffing. Darcey licked Howards mouth in flirtation and then bounced around excitedly! The dogs said Hello to passersby and then we were back home before we knew it.

Thursday 5th May; Darcey went on her play date with Toby and we headed over to the meadow. The dogs wiggled around one another saying hello and Darcey had a good sniff of Toby's bottom while he was attempting to relief himself!  We walked around the field and the pair of them were very interested in tracking smells and each had their heads firmly buried into the long grass.  The temperature soon rose and the dogs were panting, so I stuck to the tree line by the canal to cool them down.  Soon it was time for Darcey and Toby to say bye for now and we headed back home for fresh water and doggie munchies. See attached photo.

pm; Darcey went out with Howard this afternoon and we were a much slower pace than earlier today! The dogs did their wees and poops and Darcey had great fun poking her head through the various fences to watch the horses trainings as we walked down the footpath to the meadow.  A little Jack Russell yapped away at us and Darcey threw him a look as if to say "hush"!  By the time we got home Dar

Thursday 28th April; This morning I came in and Darcey was very pleased to me and Andy was at home too. I asked Andy to put the car safety harness on Darcey for me so she could be strapped in and we drove around to Horace and Biddy's house. The dogs were pleased to see each other, lots of tail wagging and they couldn't wait to get going for their walk. For our walk we headed along the canal, round to the reserviour and then back home via the woodland. Darcey had the best time, sniffing around and galloping up and down the banks. There was lots of ducks for Darcey to chase too and she had fun looking at her reflection in the water. Horace and Biddy enjoyed having a friend with them today! When we got back to the car the dogs said Goodbye to each other and Darcey enjoyed the ride home. She had a big drink to cool down as I left her.

PM; This afternoon Darcey had her playdate with Howard. It was a slow walk today around the block as there was so much sniffing to be done. The dogs were into everything and any passerby they wanted to say Hello too. Darcey danced around happily trying to get Howard to play but he was a bit hot today for all that! Soon we headed back where I gave Darcey a treat before I left.