Friday 14th Dec; Diesel seemed very pleased to see me this afternoon and once he had settled down I popped on his lead and we headed outside. He jumped up lots as we headed down the road for the canal path.  I made him stop, sit and then once listening and responding we carried on in another direction.  I took Diesel down along the canal and past the pub opposite the canal and continued on.  He had great fun sniffing around the bushes and didn't seem at all bothered by passing joggers and mums with their prams.  Once we got to a section of grass Diesel rolled around in it on his back and was very playful.  I let him play with my glove, although he wasn't too keen to fetch it back!  He walked beautifully back home and once at the house I let him out into the garden - and he did the longest wee.  While Diesel pottered around the garden, I refreshed his water and picked up the bits of vet bed scattered by Diesel around the garage floor and popped these onto the dog tred mill, along with some remains of his plastic chew toy.  I re-fold his blanket and mat and popped these back into his crate.  Diesel then sat and watched me write the note to his mum, then he went into the garage and munched on some treats as I closed his gate and shut the door.  I left the hall light on before I left.