Thursday 31st December am; I rang the door bell this morning as a car was outside and the proch light I had popped on was off - so I didn't want to walk into the house in case you had returned early.  No one answered so I let myself in and Sophie was on the window sill of the kitchen outside meowing.  I let Sophie in and we had lots of strokes as she watched me prepare her food.  I popped the rubbish bag outside in the black bin and by the time I left Sophie was heading up the stairs.  I hope you have a lovely New Year and I'll pop your key around to you in the next couple of days.

Wednesday 30th December am;  Sophie was ready for lots of strokes this morning and I let her have a potter outside while I prepared her bowls and breakfast.  Sophie had a munch of some dried food then some wet before coming back over to me and rubbing her head into my hand for more strokes, purring loudly.  I chatted away to her and soon it was time to say goodbye until later.  I left Sophie heading back to her breakfast.

PM; Sophie was dozing upstairs and I called out to her and she popped her head through the stair bannister and meowed "hello".  We touched noses as I tip-toed to greet her and she rubbed my head against hers through the small gap.  She then pottered down the stairs and enjoyed a long stroke.  Sophie was purring away and I washed up her bowl then opened up a tin of her Felix wet food and she wolved it down.  I changed her water and topped up her dried and then she hopped onto the counter for more strokes and fuss which I was happy to oblige with.  I left Sophie in the kitchen munching back on her dinner.

Tuesday 29th December am; Sophie was at the window in the lounge watching me as I arrived.  She said hello to me in the hall and weaved around me as I stroked her and chatted to her.  Roxy had seen Sophie last night and said how friendly she was and Sophie gave me a real welcome too.  I washed up her bowls and prepared her food and Sophie nose dived into her wet food, purring away.  I changed her water and topped up her dried and checked her tray.  Sophie enjoyed some strokes as she ate then I said goodbye until later.

PM; Sophie had been dozing upstairs and she pottered down the steps to see me.  We had a cuddle then Sophie sat on the dining table and rubbed her head against the chair as I chatted to her and prepared her dinner.  Sophie then joined me in the kitchen and weaved around me legs purring away as I stroked her. She enjoyed her wet food and as she ate I refreshed her water too.  It's terribly rainy outside and Sophie doesn't seem interested in going out, so she's stayed inside for this evening.  I popped on the outside light before saying goodnight.

Monday 28th December; Sophie met me outside by my car and I said hello. We then headed into the house and Sophie tucked into her food. I topped it up and topped up the dry, then refreshed her water. I left her inside as she was hungry so seems she has been out all day. I left your hall way and porch light on then said goodbye to Sophie.