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Mitzy, Poppy, Boris, JJ and Gill - pet diary

Saturday 16th April pm; Mitzy wasn't around this morning which was a shame as I wanted to say goodbye and tell her mum would be back today.  So JJ and Gill listened to me as I chatted to them and gave them their flakes.  The girls were up and about outside and I gave them fresh hay, their food and a carrot to enjoy and changed their water.  I then opened up the curtains and said goodbye to the fish.

Friday 15th April am; Mitzy was asleep upstairs and she trotted down to see me.  I said hello and she purred lightly and rubbed herself against me as I washed up her bowl and changed her water.  Today Mitzy tucked into her poultry and dried food as I fed the boys and headed outside to see Poppy and Boris.  They squeaked hello as I chatted to them and this morning I cleaned out their hutch and lay down fresh newspaper, shavings and hay.  They seemed happy to have a clean out and then tucked into their mix food and a halved carrot I popped on top.  I refreshed their water and popped the dirty hutch stuff into the green bin.  I opened up the curtains and popped off the light - meanwhile Mitzy decided to head out with me and have a potter in the early morning sun.

PM; Mizty was out and about when I arrived and decided to roll around as I prepared Boris and Poppy's food. I washed up Mitzy's bowl and she tucked into dinner while I set about closing the curtains and popping on the light. Mizty enjoyed some cuddles from me and I told her that mum would be back very soon.

Thursday 14th April am; Mitzy wandered downstairs after I arrived and heard me pottering around cleaning her bowls.  She weaved around me and the kitchen units looking forward to her breakfast of poulty and dried biscuits.  Mizty wasted no time in tucking into her food, purring as I stroked her.  The boys swished around hungry for flakes and tucked into these, then I went to see the girls outside. Both Poppy and Boris were out of their bedroom area and I said hello and chatted to them as I refreshed their water, gave them new hay and museli mix.  The weather is dull and cooler now so I have popped the perspex sheet back over their top run.


Wednesday 13th April am; Mitzy was sat on the window sill watching out for me this morning which was very sweet.  She meowed as I walked to the door and I said hello.  I gave her a big cuddle when I arrived then went about washing her bowl and preparing her breakfast of grilled chicken and dried food mix plus fresh water.  JJ and Gill were hungry and gobbled up all their flakes, while the girls were waiting for me outside.  I chatted to them as I sorted out their food and water and gave them some more hay and a stroke. I opened up the curtains and popped off the light.

PM; Mitzy wasn't around until I had prepared her food and water and was out with Boris and Poppy.  She rolled around watching me cleaned out the poop from the little ones and I chatted away to her.  Boris and Poppy will be enjoying more of their mix and a carrot plus hay, while Mitzy is having poultry and Whiskas treats.  I popped on the landing light and adjusted the curtains and then said goodbye to all the pets for today.

Tuesday 12th April am; Mitzy was very sleepy when I arrived and she enjoyed some strokes and then weaved around the shoe rack as I chatted to her and washed up her bowls.  This morning Mitzy enjoyed some chicken with dried food and chomped down on this as the boys munched on their flakes.  Boris and Poppy were outside waiting for me.  I gave them both a stroke and then prepared their fresh water and food - pea mix and carrot and hay.  The girls certainly like their carrots.  I popped off the light and opened up the curtains and Mitzy was still happily munching away.

PM; Mitzy wasn't around so I chatted to the fish and guinea pigs instead.  I washed up Mitzy's bowls and tonight she enjoyed some chicken with dried food. The girls enjoyed some fresh hay, mix and carrot and I scooped out the bedding and newspaper which they had made dirty.  I closed the curtains and popped on the light and hope to see Mitzy in the morning.

Monday 11th April am; Mitzy met me on the stairs and enjoyed a long fuss from me.  I washed up her bowl and she gave a tiny meow as I popped her food down.  Mitzy tucked into her breakftas as JJ and Gill swished around waiting for their brekki to be served.  They dived to the flakes as I headed out to see Boris and Poppy.  The little ones were out to see me, and I changed their water, emptied out their poop and refreshed their bedding and added some hay to munch on.  I topped up their girls mix food and added a carrot for them to enjoy in the early morning sun.

PM; Mitzy wasn't around when I went to prepare her dinner.  So I chatted to the fish and Boris and Poppy instead. Boris was very interested to find out what delights I was preparing for her for tea.  They enjoyed a carrot and some cucumber plus their pea mix and some more hay. What a feast.  I have taken off the prespex cover on the top of the hutch section as it's been so hot, and I wanted them to be cool enough during the day.  I gave Poppy a little stroke before saying goodbye, closing the curtains and popping on the landing light.

Sunday 10th April am; Mizty met me in the kitchen this morning popping herself through the cat flap.  She weaved around me and I gave her a good cuddle and she purred.  Mitxy meowed at me a few times as she wanted to see the hallway and I think she was looking for everyone.  I opened up the door so she could have a mooch around as I prepared her breakfast, fed JJ and Gill and went out to care for Boris and Poppy.  The guinea pigs were both out in their hutch looking to see who was coming.  I swept out their poop and gave them some fresh hay to munch on plus topped up their mix and gave them one carrot and fresh water.  Mizty was enjoying her breakfast as were the fish, when I said goodbye and popped off the light and opened up the curtains.

PM: Mizty came under the fence to see me as I cleaned out the poop and wee from Boris and Poppy's hutch - they certainly are little poopsters! She enjoyed listening to me chat to her and the guinea pigs and then I set about washing her bowl and preparing her feast for this evening.  Mitzy had a few mouthfuls with treats on top as I went about closing the curtains and popping on the landing light.

Saturday 9th April PM; Mizty met me at the front door and rubbed against my legs purring as I stroked and chatted to her. I let Mitzy in and prepared her food and said hello to JJ and Gill and gave them there food. Boris and Poppy were in their hutch looking chilled out. I cleaned out the poop and then prepared their dinner which included a carrot and cucumber, what a feast. Mitzy rolled around on the patio as I chatted to her and the guinea pigs before it was time to go, after closing the curtains and popping on the landing light. See attached.

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