Blog page for Walk the Dog clients to read their pet's diaries to find out what their pet has been up to while they were away. Plus, the blog includes all Walk the Dog and Hanne Grice, Dog Listener newsletters, articles and press releases.
View Article  Spring newsletter '08
Read our spring newsletter - in this edition you'll find articles on; introducing your dog to new babies, understanding cat ...   more »
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View Article  Diesel - pet diary
Friday 14th Dec;  Diesel seemed very pleased to see me today...   more »
View Article  Harry - pet diary
Thursday 6th Dec;  I arrived at the house for 11am - Harry was...   more »
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View Article  Pepper - pet diary

Saturday 16th Nov; Pepper was pleased to see us this morning...   more »

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View Article  Winter '07 newsletter

Read our Winter newsletter - full of hints and tips on how to survive Christmas, great ideas of games to ...   more »

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View Article  Evie - pet diary

Thursday 15th Oct; Evie was in the lounge when I...   more »

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View Article  Pee Wee - pet diary

Sunday 10th Nov;This morning Pee Wee took longer to appear...   more »

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View Article  Walk the Dog - Areas we cover

Walk the Dog offers a number of services from dog walking, cat and small animal feeding, boarding and canine behavioural advice and training...   more »

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View Article  Rosie - pet diary

Saturday 3rd Nov;I was later than usual for Rosie...   more »

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View Article  Bounty - pet diary

Saturday 3rd Nov; Bounty didn't have much breakfast this morning...   more »

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View Article  Lottie - pet diary

Thursday 18th Oct: Lottie was a little nervous...   more »

View Article  Ronnie - pet diary

Thursday 18th Oct; Ronnie and I drove down to Ashridge...   more »

View Article  Otis - pet diary

Monday 15th Sept; Otis dashed out to the alleyway to the...   more »

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View Article  Muffin - pet diary

Monday 15th Oct AM; When I arrived Muffin was sat on...   more »

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View Article  Charlie - pet diary
Monday 8th Oct PM; I had to pop around later than usual...   more »
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View Article  Autumn '07 newsletter

Catch up on all the news from Walk the Dog...   more »

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View Article  Basil - pet diary

Wednesday 5th Sept;  Basil was sat asleep on the chair...   more »

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View Article  How to ensure your dog and baby bonds - by Jan Fennell

We are now in the 21st Century, yet there remains many myths that are considered good advice...   more »

View Article  The value of pets to humans
Definition of ‘value’ – “the regard that something is held to deserve; importance or worth.” Definition of ‘pet’ - “a domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure.” Pets have value to humans in a variety of ways. Many people keep pets for companionship or pleasure but this value extends much further than this into work assistance, mental and physical healing, parental fulfillment and education as this essay will demonstrate. Although all pets have a value to humans the majority of research has been centred on dogs, and as such, we will concentrate on this area.    more »