Saturday 15th August; We were up bright and early this morning as I am out dog walking today.  So, once Monty's breakfast had settled down we walked up to the park.  It was misty outside and dew was all over the grass.  Monty had a good sniff around, tracking scents here and there.  Back home Monty lay down and napped, keeping one eye on me pottering around the house.  I said goodbye to Monty for today and handed over to Justin who will be looking after the boys until 'mum and dad' come to get Monty at lunchtime.

Friday 14th August; Monty and Howard munched down on breakfast and then once that had settled we headed over for a morning walk into the farmers fields near the cricket club.  Someone had set out tree trunks and planks of wood with tyres along the field stretch for jumping horses.  So, I tested out Monty's agility skills and he was excellent.  I have him jumping over the trunks, leaping over the tyres, and racing along the planks.  He was pretty tired by the time we finished our walk and headed back.  I towelled Monty down and then he settled down for his nap.  Justin was at home today while I was out working, so the boys have been playing in the garden and cuddled up on the sofa too.  This evening Monty and Howard have been keeping me company in the office while I've been working and then we had an evening potter, before the dogs settled down together and snored.

Thursday 13th August; Monty and Howard enjoyed breakfast, a race around the garden and then a power nap before we headed up to Little Heath woods.  The weather was lovely today and the boys had fun sniffing around.  We saw a phesant but about from that we had the place to ourselves as we then made our way into the farmers fields.  Back home the boys settled down for their sleeps - Monty moved around and woofed quietly as he dreamt.  Monty was very chilled for the afternoon, we played with the tennis ball and he managed to sniff out one of Howard's from a bush we had lost.  Monty then 'killed' this ball and ripped it up contently on his bed.  Tonight we snuggled on the sofa and then Howard and Monty went out for their evening wees/poos and then slept soundly.

Wednesday 12th August; Monty woke up and howled around 1am and then again around 5.30am this morning.  So, I waited until he was quiet and then came downstairs and let them out into the garden.  The boys pottered around and then enjoyed their breakfast and then a power nap before we headed over to the Berkhamsted cricket fields and over towards Bridgewater school fields.  We met a nice Jack Russell along the way and Monty had great fun playing with a very large Labradoodle.  There were lots of sheep in one of the fields we had to pass, so I popped Monty and Howard onto their leads - the sheep were very interested in Monty and not scared at all.  I wondered if they thought he was a little lamb with his curly coat?  The boys raced around for an hour and a half then it was time for home.  Monty crashed out on his bed looking very cosy indeed.  Most of this afternoon Monty has slept and he cuddled up to Howard.  In the evening Monty, howard and I had a good muck around in the garden throwing toys around and then he passed out again sleeping through the night.

Tuesday 11th August; Monty woke up a few times in the night and barked/whined.  I got up at 6am and let the boys out into the garden and gave them breakfast.  Then Monty went back to bed, curled up in the office next to Howard in his bed.  It's been a very warm day today.  The boys played outside in the garden several times with the frisbee and rugby ball but within ten minutes Monty was very hot and panting.  So, I didn't take them out for a potter until late this afternoon, though it was still baking.  Once we got home Monty had a long drink of water and then napped for an hour to recharge his batteries, then we were back out in the garden playing.  Monty loves Howard's frisbee, so I will have to show it to you so you can maybe get one for him from Father Christmas this year?  After dinner the boys passed out sleeping - Monty made barking noises in his sleep and his feet moved.

Monday 10th August; Having been up early and had breakfast, Monty was passed out asleep by 8am again.  Monty and Howard went out for an hour's walk up to the park and over to the woods near where I live today.  Monty was very patient as Howard was slower with his shorter legs.  Monty took advantage of this and soaked up all the interesting smells.  Up in the park, I let Monty off the lead for a race around.  As Howard sniffed here and there, Monty and I played chase.  Monty also got to meet a very large but very friendly elderly black Lab.  Monty then had fun racing up to some birds that were hunting for worms, sending them flapping into the sky.  We headed back home after an hour, and Monty passed out snoring under the office desk.   This afternoon Monty slept solidly.  He's really relaxing which is great.  He went out and had a play with Louise and Howard, then this evening Howard, Monty and I played in the garden for an hour - with Howard's frisbee in one hand, and a rugby ball in the other, sending the dogs in different directions which they loved.  Tonight Monty went back to sleep and was dreaming away - his feet going ten to the dozen (no doubt dreaming of the frisbee).

Friday 7th August - Sunday 9th August; Monty and Howard had a good play around in the garden in the evening once his mum had said goodbye.  Then after running around, Monty and Howard slept on the sofa with Justin until I got back home from London.  After cuddles the dogs settled down for a sleep until the morning.  During the night Monty cried a little and howlled.  We let him out for wees etc and he then settled down.  On the Saturday the weather was very hot and the dogs were suffering in the heat - panting away.  I made sure they stayed cool by giving them lots of water and spraying them with a fine mist.  Once the evening air came we played lots of frisbee - which Monty adores and pottered around the block.  Monty was hot and lay down on the cool tiles and then dozed.  We had evening cuddles on the floor, and I gave Monty a brush through then he and Howard settled down for the night.  Next door's dogs barked around 2am waking Monty up, so he cried a little.  I let the dogs outside into the garden where they did their business and came in.  Monty whined a little as we went upstairs but he soon settled.  On Sunday the weather was even hotter!  The dogs did play around in the garden with the football, tennis ball and frisbee, but most of the time they shifted from under the shade to indoors, drinking lots of water.  The heat didn't even cool down much in the evening, so we decided it was safer to play with them then take the dogs on a long walk.  Both dogs were shattered by 8pm and went to sleep.  We let them out later for their evening wees/poos and then Monty slept through until about 5.30am when he cried.  I got up and let the dogs outside and then having done their business, Monty went back to bed for an hour. 

See attached pictures.