Monday 29th December am; I got to the house around 7.20am this morning so it was still dark.  Pippin and Molly were outside munching on grass.  I said hello and firstly sorted them out with clean water then prepared them a bowl of dried food with some broccoli stems, baby carrots, some celery topped up with a corn of the comb treat and some carrot munchies treats.  The rabbit munched away happily as I then popped some more hay into their bed area of the outdoor hutch.  I read your note, so I will clean out the hutch later on my return visit as the bins were outside and I thought they may be collected today.

PM; Molly and Pippin were outside cuddling up to one another.  I prepared them their dinner (they still had a bowl full of pellets from this morning), so I gave them some more celery, an apple, more carrot crunchies and a couple of baby carrots and broccoli.  They set to about the food and munched down - Pippin let me stroke him and Molly seemed a lot more confident with me too.  I cleaned out the garage hutch and popped the remains into the green bin and popped this back around the front (the rubbsih hadn't been taken today).  I gave the bunnies one last check before saying goodbye.

See attached pictures.