Blog page for Walk the Dog clients to read their pet's diaries to find out what their pet has been up to while they were away. Plus, the blog includes all Walk the Dog and Hanne Grice, Dog Listener newsletters, articles and press releases.
View Article  Walk the Dog - Winter Newsletter '08

With the festive season just around the corner, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit.  For starters we’re serving up ...   more »

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View Article  Kiri and Max - pet diary

Saturday 18th October; Kiri, Max and I walked across...   more »

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View Article  Briar - pet diary
Wednesday 15th October; Briar and I went for a walk...   more »
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View Article  Monty - pet diary
Friday 10th October; One of the cats was waiting...   more »
View Article  Casper - pet diary

Thursday 9th October; I let Casper lead the way...   more »

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View Article  Walk the Dog - Autumn newsletter '08
This issue sees our dog walkers Louise and Sue write about 'Boredom Busters' for your pooch and some fun record-breaking ...   more »
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View Article  Remy, Callie, Chloe and Stella - pet diary

Wednesday 17th September; The morning I took the girls out for a...   more »

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View Article  The canine brain - the function of the three main areas

The canine brain - the function of the three main areas and how the brain receives and transmits information to ...   more »

View Article  The mental and physical changes that take place a a dog grows older

As a dog grows older both mental and physical changes take place; an outline of the changes that take place ...   more »

View Article  The mental and physical development of the puppy from birth to 12wks

The mental and physical development of the puppy from birth to twelve weeks, and the effects of the interactions which ...   more »

View Article  A guide to socialising a puppy from 8wks to 12wks old

A guide to socialising a puppy which could be used from purchase at eight weeks until the puppy is twelve ...   more »

View Article  Harry and Lola - pet diary

Thursday 11th September; Harry and Lola were happy to see Sue...   more »

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View Article  Esther - pet diary

Friday 22nd August - Monday 25th August; Esther and Howard have had a...   more »

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View Article  Misty - pet diary

Sunday 24th August;; Misty was watching me come into the garden...   more »

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View Article  Genghy - pet diary

Saturday 9th August pm; Genghy was at the door when I...   more »

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View Article  Midge, Bramble and Basil - pet diary

Saturday 19th July pm to Saturday 26th July am; The cats have been very good all week.  On Monday one ...   more »

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View Article  Frank - pet diary

Friday 18th July am;I felt very sad this morning as I gave Frank...   more »

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View Article  Summer '08 newsletter
To read Walk the Dog's summer '08 newsletter, click on the attachment below.   more »
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View Article  Max - pet diary

Thursday 3rd July;  Max seemed very happy to have company and we headed straight outside and up the road.  ...   more »

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View Article  Joey and Sophie - pet diary
Tuesday 24th June am; Sophie and Joey were at the bottom of the hutch relaxing...   more »
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View Article  Factors you should consider in choosing a family dog

Many people choose a dog based on experiences from their past. They may have fond memories of a dog once ...   more »

View Article  How a family dog might learn his behaviour
The behaviour of a family dog is the result of many factors. Some of these may include heredity, natural instinct, basic senses, past experiences and basic drives. In analysing how a family dog might learn its behaviour, it is important to look at two schools of thought, ‘nurture’, where the dog learns how to behave, and ‘nature’ where the dog uses its animal instincts.   more »
View Article  Problems you might expect with rescue dogs and whether they should be considered for a family home environment
Being able to re-home a rescue dog and provide a loving environment gives owners great pleasure.  Many dogs find ...   more »
View Article  Evie, Jess and Agatha - pet diary

Thursday 28th May;The pups were eager to get out of the crate...   more »

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View Article  Late Spring newsletter '08

To read our Late Spring Winter newsletter, click on the attachment below. 

   more »
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View Article  Rocky and Lola - pet diary
Friday 9th May; Rocky and Lola dashed to the back door when...   more »
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View Article  Beano - pet diary

Friday 9th May; Beano was dozing on the kitchen step when I arrived...   more »

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View Article  Toffee - pet diary

Saturday 12th April 6.45pm; Justin, my husband, came along with me tonight...   more »

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View Article  Max - pet diary
Friday 28th March; The weather was dreadful today...   more »
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View Article  Mittens - pet diary
Monday 24th March PM; Mittens must of heard me when I arrived...   more »
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View Article  Merlin - pet diary
Monday 18th Feb AM; Today I picked Merlin up for his walk at 9am...   more »
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View Article  Bailey - pet diary
Tuesday 5th Feb Bailey went out with Howard and I drove them to...   more »
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View Article  Spring newsletter '08
Read our spring newsletter - in this edition you'll find articles on; introducing your dog to new babies, understanding cat ...   more »
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View Article  Diesel - pet diary
Friday 14th Dec;  Diesel seemed very pleased to see me today...   more »
View Article  Harry - pet diary
Thursday 6th Dec;  I arrived at the house for 11am - Harry was...   more »
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