Thursday 18th December;The boys and i went back up to the fields again today and they had a jolly good time sniffing around. They saw several dogs while out and about and the highlight was meeting a golden retriever who was in heat. We walked around until it was time to head back. Bob jumped into some puddles and Guiness humped Bob a few times before we finally got back home.

Tuesday 16th December; Bob and Guiness and i walked up the fields by the school and followed them around towards the cricket ground. The boys did their business and had a good time sniffing all over the place. Guiness humped Bob several times and they said hello the a couple of other dogs out walking before we went home.

Friday 12th December; The boys and walked over to the fields near Bridgewater school.  They had great fun sniffing here and there amongst the bushes and grass.  We did do a lot of stops, and changes of directions everytime one of the dogs pulled.  But with food reward and lots of praise when they got it right in about 20mins into the walk they were walking along very well and said hello to a lovely patterdale terrier.  We saw some birds flapping around in the fields and the boys had a good look at the horses and then it was time to head for home and back to mum.

See attached pictures.