Monday 29th December am; Muse came down the stairs when I arrived and meowed.  I gave him his morning head rub which he enjoyed and then as I prepared his breakfast he weaved around my legs and then randomly hissed in the direction of the stairs.  I checked under the stairs in case he'd brought something in, but I couldn't see anything.  I refreshed the water bowls and as Muse ate, I went into the lounge to check the tree and everything was alright.  I gave Muse another stroke before saying a final goodbye.

Sunday 28th December am; Muse was very friendly and after I gave him his food and he had something to eat, he enjoyed a lomg head rub and purred away.  He really likes his ears and head being rubbed!  I watered the tree and checked for post in the box (all clear) and ensured Muse hadn't brought in any suprises under the stairs before popping on the landing light and saying goodbye to Muse who by this time was heading back upstairs, no doubt for a sleep after his breakfast.

Saturday 27th December am; Muse was on the stairs and meowed hello.  I noticed a Christmas present was on the mat by the door as I walked in and been ripped - so I think Muse has been looking through the Christmas presents!  I popped the present back under the tree and then went over to Muse.  He then purred as I sat on the step and gave him lots of attention.  This made Muse roll over onto his side but he was careful not to roll off the step!  I prepared his food and water and as Muse crunched down on his Iams I watered the tree.  I popped on the landing light and gave Muse some more strokes which made him arch his back and purr in between mouthfuls, before saying goodbye.

Friday 26th December am; Muse came running downstairs purring away as I came into the house and he weaved in and out of my legs.  I put out his food and changed his water bowls.  I gave Muse lots of strokes and he seemed to be enjoying himself, he got into his food and I left him to enjoy his breakfast in peace.

Thursday 25th December am; When I walked through the door Muse was on the stairs and looking at me, meowing.  He wanted lots of strokes and he really enjoyed this and lay on the floor rolling around.  I fed him his food and turned the kitchen light off for a change and refreshed his water bowls.  I wished Muse a very Merry Christmas before leaving.

Wednesday 24th December am; I opened up the post box and took out the mail and got to the house.  I called for Muse and he pottered down the stairs.  He was very friendly and I gave him a stroke on his head.  As I washed up his bowls and prepared his breakfast he rubbed against my legs.  Then he dived straight into his food as soon as I popped it onto the stairs.  I refreshed both water bowls and then watered the tree as Muse tucked into his food.

Tuesday 23rd December am; I called for Muse when I arrived and couldn't see him.  So, I went upstairs and looked in the spots you suggested he may be if he wasn't downstairs. Having looked around the top of the house and ground floor I concluded Muse was out and about having some cat fun in the woods.  I prepared his breakfast of Iams and Go Cat and changed all the water bowls for him too.  I switched off the kitchen light and popped on the landing light so it looked different to any outsiders.  There wasn't anything in the post box so I'll check again tomorrow and I hope I'll see Muse to give him a stroke too.

Monday 22nd December pm; I called out for Muse and couldn't see him so I began to climb the stairs and he popped around the bannister.  Muse was very friendly and having had a sniff of me and my hand, let me stroke him and he rubbed his head against the stairs.  I chatted to Muse and prepared his food which he dove into as I popped the food bowl down.  I also changed his water bowl and the large bowl on the floor too and did a quick check for any 'presents' under the stairs from Muse - it was all clear.  I popped on the landing light before I left and gave Muse a final goodbye.

See attached pictures.