Thursday 18th December; I was very happy today as I managed to stroke Freddy for a little while and get him purring!! And Molly was very friendly too so I think they're getting used to me - and know I'm going to feed them!  I washed up their trays and bowls and gave them their food and cleaned out the litter tray.  Having used up the paper towel over the last couple of weeks I replaced the holder with a new one and took the rubbish outside.  Molly and Freddy happily munched down on their food and let me stroke them as they ate and they seemed very contented when I said goodbye.

Tuesday 16th December; Molly and Freddy were in their playroom when i arrived. I said hello then went about washing up their bowls. The cats walked around near me as i chatted looking forward to their food. As soon as it was on the floor the cats more dived in. I cleaned out their litter tray and watered the plants in the lounge before leaving them to enjoying their breakfast in peace.

Sunday 14th December; Molly was sat on the rug on the sofa and Freddy was out on the balcony when I arrived.  Molly was very friendly letting me stroke her Freedy was more timid until the food came out!  I washed up their bowls and prepared their food and as they ate I stroked both Molly and Freddy.  I then went to sort out their litter and Freddy decided it was more fun to scoop out his wet food and eat it off the floor, so I picked up the bits he left and wiped over the floor.  I left both cats still munching.

Friday 12th December; Molly and Fred were sat near the door when I arrived and I popped the post onto the table and Molly sniffed my hand.  Fred let me stroke him and then they watched me wash up and prepare their food.  Both cats nose dived into their breakfast as I went outside and sorted out their litter tray.  No ice or water was in it today which was great! The cats were tucking into their wet food and seemed happy enough to let me very gently stroke them as they ate.  I said goodbye and left them in peace.

Wednesday 10th December; The cats were much less timid with me today - I think they know they were going to get feed. Freddy let me stroke him and so did Molly.  I washed up their bowls and chatted to them and prepared theor feast breakfast and then went to sort out the litter.  I noticed one of the cats had poo'd by the cat flap.  I thought it could be as its been so so cold outside, but when I opened the flap I saw that the cat litter must have got very frozen as the ice had now melted and got watery.  Poor cats!! So, I completely emptied the litter tray and washed it and swept up around outside and gave them new litter and moved it as far as I could to the right so it wouldn't get any ice/water on it from the sides.  I then popped all the rubbish outside when I left.

Monday 8th December; Molly and Freddy were very brave today.  Molly was coming near me and let me stroke her and Freddy didn't run away - he let me gently touch him as he sat on the sofa.  Both cats knew it was feeding time so I chatted to them as I washed up and gave them their breakfast and fresh water.  Both Freddy and Molly dived into their food as I cleaned out their tray.  I gave Molly a stroke and Freddy gently sniffed me before I said goodbye to them for today.

Saturday 6th December; Molly pottered into the lounge to see who had arrived and she wasn't sure what to make of me! Freddy watched from the spare room.  I thought I would let them get used to me before rushing over to say hello.  So, I washed up their bowls and prepared their quadruple whammy of tuna wet food and dried food plus fresh water.  Molly was very brave and came over to me and let me gently touch her as she ate.  Then Freddy watched me clean the litter tray.  I then left them to enjoy their feast.