Thursday 9th June; Harry presented with his bone and we headed down the road for a walk along the canal today. Harry's nose went into overdrive as he scented and tracked his way along the pathways and scratched up the earth covering himself in grass, to ensure all passing dogs knew Harry had been there. He enjoyed spooking a couple of pigeons that were pottering around and paused to watch a passing golden retriever. Harry nosed at some of the canal boats and their occupants before it was time to head back towards home. I refreshed Harry's water and left him munching on his chew. See attached photo.

Tuesday 7th June; Poor Sally was really struggling today when I arrived and fell down twice.  I got to her and helped her up and then she settled down after a cuddle.  I called and left a voicemail as I was worried about leaving Sally.  I took Harry to the green at the sports centre and he had a lovely time catching up on the local dog gossip sniffing around, scenting here and there and he did a big poop. We met a nice little Westie and Harry was very interested in sniffing around the children's play area on the outer edge of the railings and seating area.  We headed back having been gone in the end about 20mins and we hurried walked to check on Sally.  She was laying waiting for us by the back door.  And I refreshed their water and sat on the floor with Sally and gave her a little massage and a belly rub. She licked my face and seemed to enjoy all the cuddles.  I stayed with Sally and Harry for about 15mins and then gave them each their Dental chew and carrot. I waited with Sally to make sure she was ok and enjoyed her chew and then left her crunching on her carrot while Harry took his to his bed.  I bolted the gate and left the usual way - I hope Sally is better tomorrow.

Monday 6th June; The dogs were very happy to see me and wiggled around. Sally presented me with her bone and Harry woofed. Harry and I walked to Butts Meadow and he did lots and sniffing and scent marking. We walked for about 18mins then headed back and Sally enjoyed lots of fuss and a little massage which made her very sleepy and she rested her head on my lap as I sat on the floor with the dogs and she lay down. Harry seemed to be interested and watched quietly panting from his walk. I refreshed their water and gave them their Denta sticks before leaving the dogs in peace to munch on their treat. See attached photos.