Thursday 28th July; Lottie went out with Howard today -  the weather was pretty humid and when the sun came out it felt roasting hot. So, I took the little ones to Little Heaths woods where they could potter about in the cooling shade. Lottie had her nose firmly planted to the ground as she scented and tracked her way along. We kept a slow pace as both Lottie and Howard took their time with their sniffing! We rounded the farmer fields and beyond until it was time to turn tail and head back home where Lottie was reunited with mum and looked ready for an afternoon nap. See attached photo.

Thursday 21st July; Lottie looked gorgeous with her new haircut and I told her so. She seemed appreciative and gave me a lick on the nose. We went out with her pal Howard and walked to Little Heath woods. There the dogs had great fun stopping at what seemed like every tree to investigate the fascinating smells from the wildlife etc. We walked through the woodland and Lottie enjoyed leaping over the fallen trees and branches showing off to Howard her impressive gymnastic skills. We then rounded up to the farmers fields and beyond before it was time to turn tail and head back home.

Thursday 14th July; Lottie and Howard went on their date to Sandpit Green today.  They had a great time scenting and tracking their way through the woodland and over to Harriots End Lane farm.  Lottie seems to like her dates with Howard as she wiggled around him and every so often went back to Howard to check he was ok and give his bum a sniff!  The little ones had a potter in the fields and soon it was time to turn tail and head back towards the car and then home.  I refreshed Lottie's water back at the house and she enjoyed a couple of my doggie treats.

Thursday 7th July; Lottie went on her play date with Howard today and the pair of them had a jolly time at the park.  We bumped into lots of dogs today including our neighbour's Boxer and Lottie had great fun racing after the Boxer's orange ball, despite me bringing out with me my tennis ball.  We then got lucky and found another one, so Lottie had three balls to chase as well as the Boxer and Howard.  Lottie then said hello to Benjy the Yorkie, an elderly Boxer dog and a collie plus a pensioner Labrador - what a social whirl.  Lottie soon looked pretty tired with all her running around and after some flirtatious behaviour with Howard it was soon time to head back home where Lottie enjoyed a doggie snack as I left. See attached photo.

Thursday 30th June; Lottie and Howard went on their play date to the fields near the cricket club today. Lottie was very excited to see her friend and jumped around and barked happily. The pair of the plodded through the fields noses to the ground as they soaked up all the wonderfully exciting smells on route. Crows flapped around us as we wandered by the horses jumps which I encouraged Lottie to have a little go on. I took out my large water bottle with me and the dogs paused to have a well earned drink as the sun popped behind a cloud. In the distance grey clouds formed looking ominous as we headed into that direction. Soon it was time to turn tail and head back, Howard and Lottie had a run together but Lottie is quicker than Howard on his short legs. In the car Lottie curled up looking a little sleepy as we made our way back to the house, where she was reunited with mum. See attached photo.

Thursday 23rd June; Lottie gave me a wiggle when I arrived and was ready for her walk. Lottie and Howard and I went to the park by St Thomas Coram school today and the pair of them had a jolly time sniffing about. Lottie met a Jack Russell, a wired haired Visla and three border terriers.  Lottie charged about in the sunshine amongst the buttercups while Howard lumbered on behind.  Lottie did three poops today while we were out and about!  We played hunt the treat as we walked around the park and soon Lottie was thirsty.  She drank from the water bottle and once refreshed, went back to scening and tracking.  Back home, I topped up her water bowl and gave Lottie a treat - no doubt she will have a well earned nap.  See attached picture.