Tuesday 17th November; When I arrived Brewster greeted me with a wagging tail and Sandy was on the sofa. I popped Brewster's harness on and then called Sandy. Sandy seemed reluctant to leave his comfy spot so I had to encourage him off with food. It took a while but eventually he came around to the idea. We set off for our walk taking it slowly at Sandy pace. We headed down the road and over to the grassy patch. The boys just wanted to sniff around and both perked up at the sight of a pigeon in the tree. We didn't get overly far today but Sandy did go for a long wee which I thought was good. We turned on our heels and headed back where I gave the boys some treats and cuddles.

Monday 16th November; Sandy was all curled up pn the sofa while Brewster trotted over to see me when I arrived. We headed out slowly to the meadow.  Sandy seemed a lot more perkier than before which is good and he seemed to enjoy the smells given off from the tall grass in the fields.  Brewster walked around smiling and scent marking here and there.  Brewster did his business and we walked slowly for about 35mins and then Sandy did a poo in the car park.  Once we were inside I refreshed their water, as I was doing this Sandy wee'd near the radiator, so I cleaned this up and popped the tissue into the green bin outside.  I gave them some treats as they relaxed and left some aloe information out for you on the table.

See attached pictures.