Friday 19th November; Horace and Biddy leapt around and gave me kisses and a toy before we headed out for our walk. Today we headed to the big field off of Grove Road. They both really love it here and enjoyed a good run around. We met a female Labradoodle who was playing with a ball and Biddy tried to grab the ball sneakily but I gave it back to the correct dog and owner! She is so quick! The Labradoodles owner warned me of a dead bird but luckily we didn't see it on our walk. Horace found a blue, rubber ball to play with. He really loved it and it bounced when I threw it which they both enjoyed! I think Horace was more impressed with the blue colour rather than my pink one as he kept hold of it and Biddy didn't get her usual chance! We played fetch for a while and the dogs raced around and then soon were panting hard. They enjoyed a play and a sniff before it was time to head home for the weekend. See picture below.

Thursday 18th November; The dogs were pleased to see me and I was happy to see them too. Today we decided to have a change and we walked around the various parks in Tring. First stop was the Kingsley Walk Park. Horace and Biddy enjoyed themselves in here, running up and down the hills and chasing the odd squirrel or too. We saw a big Malumute dog that was watching us but we kept away from him, and then his owner shouted at him so we avoided the chaos! Horace and Biddy loved sniffing around and then we headed through the high street to the park opposite Tesco. Once again they both enjoyed galloping about and watching the world go by. As we were making our way to Shugars Green park the whole of the school must have been on their lunch break. Horace and Biddy walked by my side and once we had walked through the crowd I gave them a big fuss and treats as they kept looking at me for my reassurence! Before we headed home Horace and Biddy had one last run around this park, sniffing under the wet leaves and in the brambles. We were soon back at home where I towelled them down and left them with a treat. I had major problems closing your door today, I had to tie my bag strap around it and lean back as I am such a weakling, must have been highly amusing for passersby! See picci's attached!

Wednesday 17th Novemeber: Horrace and Biddy were their usuall excited selves today for their walk! We headed out to the woodlands again, I'm trying to keep them away from water as much as possible in the cold! I popped both their coats on today and they looked so smashing!! We had a big run around the field and woodlands, saying hello to the horses again! Biddy seemed determined to get in some water today, it was one of those days! I told her not to because of her pretty coat but despite my efforts she had a little paddle in the resevoir , not deep though, the cheeky! We met a man and his little dog out who Horrace and Biddy rushed up to greet, then with a thank you we headed our way. Horrace was a little sick just before we got home so maybe keep an eye on him. He seemed fine once he had let it out! Then we headed in for a one handed paw dry from Lindsay :)

Tuesday 16th Novemeber: Horrace and Biddy were right at the front door today when I came in! After lots of tail wags and Horrace bringing me his wee hedgehog toy to show we popped on the leads and Biddy's coat to keep her hips warm and headed out. We headed through to the field behind the mill and off through the woodland trail. We said hello to the horses who seemed fascinated with us, looking over! Then we had big snifffs and scents around the trail, keeping a close eye on them both to keep them out of the cold water today! we met an elderly gentleman with a wee ankle-biter dog who had a yap at Horrace and Bids, Horrace seemed a little perplexed by him! After a thank you we headed onwards and back to our walk :) Soon it was time to loop back home for a little paw dry and a bit of a fuss before I left them with some Markies to say bye till tomorrow :)

Monday 15th November:  Horrace and Bids were so happy today! What's new mind you?! We had a new addition to our walk today, my friend Gav who came to help me out as I've sprained my hand! Gav was very impressed with how I handled the dogs and how beautifully they walk on lead, even me holding them both in my left hand was no bother! We headed into the field by the mill today and had a big run around off lead then walked through the woodland. We met an elderly couple with crutches on our way round who gave them both lots of fuss and pats :) We had great fun in and out all the trees and looped back round to head home. On our way back Gav found a big stick and we played lots of fetch, Biddy outrunning Horrace EVERY time!Then it was in for a dry and a couple of yummy treats to say bye :)