Blog page for Walk the Dog clients to read their pet's diaries to find out what their pet has been up to while they were away. Plus, the blog includes all Walk the Dog and Hanne Grice, Dog Listener newsletters, articles and press releases.
View Article  Walk the Dog - Feedback Form 2009
Please find attached Walk the Dog's feedback form for 2009.   more »
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View Article  Millie and Milo - pet diary

Friday 16th January; Millie and Milo were as quiet as Church mice when I arrived.  There was a poo waiting ...   more »

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View Article  Ways of Working 2009
To become ever more efficient in our processes and provide our customers with an ever-improving quality service, we have reviewed ...   more »
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View Article  Nelly and Pheobe

Sunday 4th January am; Pheobe came outside to...   more »

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View Article  Noo & Albert - pet diary

Thursday 1st January;I got to the cats...   more »

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