Thursday 15th October; Fly was excited to be heading out and gave me a lick in show of gratitude as I bend down to pop on his lead. We headed up the road and to the park today for a change of scene. Its lovely there and a new walk for me! Fly had great fun playing hunt the treat with me and lap had a nice little interaction with 3 young dogs, one took a shine to us and wanted to walk with us! Then after loops around we met a friendly schnauser dog who flirted with Fly. Back home I gave Fly a belly rub on the front lawn and he lay down and licked my nose as I took his picture.  Then Fly had some fresh water and a couple of my doggie treats and left him walking me, like a gent, to the door. See attached pictures. And, see you at next week's meeting. 

Tuesday 13th October; Fly was full of beans today when I arrived, no doubt he knows I =  walk and treats! We headed back down the canal as it was a beautiful day although chilly. On route we met Ginny the Springer Spaniel, who I was told us a friend of Fly. The dogs had a quick sniff hello but then they were more interested in my pocket of doggie goodies! We had the canal to ourselves today and there was great excitement when a squirrel crossed our path. Fly, true to his name made a short dash forward but as I called him, he hit the brakes favouring praise and a Smacko dog treat. On route back Fly spotted a Coot and the opportunity was just too tempting as he took a paddle in its direction. The Coot hot footed it away, so Fly made do with giving me a free shower as he shook himself. Back home, I towelled Fly down, refreshed his water and left him munching on a couple of doggie treats. 

Monday 12th October; Fly woofed just once when I walked in, so I slowly walked into the kitchen ignoring him until he settled which was very quickly. We headed out for his walk and Fly was delighted to be going out. We walked up the road to the canal and Fly did lots of scent marking and his business. We did some recall practice and as Fly was so good he was off the lead after 15mins. Fly caught up on all the local dog gossip sniffing here and there. Fly also had a little munch on some grass and flirted with a jogger who said ge was beautiful and Fly looked very pleased with himself. Fly gave me a sloppy kiss after a took his picture which was very sweet. Before we got home Fly popped his feet into the canal water, so after an hour we got home, I towelled him down then refreshed Fly's water and hung up his lead. Oscar popped in to say hello, and gave out a big 'meow', so I gave him lots of strokes which he enjoyed.  I left Fly munching down happily on some well earned doggie treats. See attached pictures.