Wednesday 14th October;Buffy was very happy to have a play mate today. We started our game of hide and seeks with green balls but after about 5 mins I noticed she hobbled and was picking up her paw. I had a look and although it wasn't bleeding it looked a little sore so I bandaged her up. We continued playing but it fell off, so I did it again this time taking the bandage further up her leg for support. This worked a treat! We then carried on our games and Buffy made me giggle as she attempted to carry both balls in her mouth once she found them. I hid the ball in the wellington boots and she was very clever tipping the boot over to get the ball out. Dogs can't distinguish the colour green, and find it hard to see stationary objects so I raised the level of difficulty hiding the balls in long grass, and in between the low branches of the bushes. After lots of sniffing and encouragement, she found them each time. Soon it was time to go so I left Buffy enjoying a chew on one of her balls while I changed her water and waved goodby to Andy. See attached pictures. 

Tuesday 13th October; Buffy raced out of the conservatory doors when I arrived and was very excited. I said hello to Andy and he showed me her paw. I mentioned to him that I have a contact that distributes Aloe Vera products and the team and I carry Aloe Vera veterinary spray and the gelly which is fantastic for dogs, cats, horses and on humans too. If you'd like more info about it let me know. Today Buffy and I played hide and seek with her football hidden around the garden for most of the time. To get her into the swing of it I firstly hid treats then her ball under tupperware boxes and praised her as she sniffed them out and tipped them over to get to her prize. Then I made it harder by hiding the ball around the garden under the box so she had to user her scenting ability to hunt it out from a lot further away and in hiding places. Buffy was excellent at this game. I practiced her sits, stays, laydowns and roll overs to and she was ten out of ten with these. Then as she chewed on her toy I tickled her tummy which sent her tail wagging back and forth I enjoyment. I refilled Buffy's water and washed up her food bowl and popped it on the side. I left Buffy chewing on her ball, stretched out on the grass. See attached pictures.