Saturday 7th November; Mozart was munching on his rabbit mix when I arrived this morning around 8.30am.  I chatted to him as I cleaned up his area and he sat watching me from his bed.  I added more hay to his box, refreshed his water and topped up his rabbit mix, adding a carrot which I broke up for him and a leaf of cabbage.  Mozart settled straight down to the task of having breakfast while I used the mini hoover to hoover up the sawdust.  I stroked Mozart and he hopped into his tray for a wee as I changed his puppy mat and towel.  I popped the two dirty towels into the washing machine.  I used a wet wipe to wipe down Mozart's leg then applied the vaseline.  Mozart made me giggle as he was grooming me and licking me as I held him and chatted to him.  We had a lovely cuddle and I was with him for about 20mins.  I then left Mozart munching back on a carrot and said goodbye until tomorrow.

See attached pictures.