Monday 22nd November AM; Connie was upstairs asleep this morning - she heard me come in and charged down the stairs.  I picked her up for a cuddle and rubbed her cheek which she enjoyed.  This morning Connie enjoyed soem trout for breakfast and a top up of Go Cat and fresh water.  Connie wasted no time in chomping down as I went about my duties.  I empied her bin and took the waste away and gave Connie lots of strokes as she ate.  Connie purred in between mouthfuls happy to be eating and have lots of attention.
Sunday 21st November AM; Connie was sounds asleep on the edge of the sofe on the arm looking very snuggly.  She yawned and stretched then pottered over to me for a fuss.  The light was still coming up and a dozy Connie watched me as I opened up the curtains and blinds and chatted to her. I washe dup her bowls and refreshed her water and this morning Connie tucked into some rabbit.  She had a few mouthfuls and was soon purring away as she ate.
pm; Connie trotted to the door to meet me this evening and rubbed around my legs in antcipation of her food.  She had eaten all her wet food from earlier however most of her Go Cat was still there.  After washing up I prepared some Lamb for her tea and Connie nose dived into the bowl as I went around popping down the blinds and curtains.  I gave Connie lots of strokes as she purred in between mouthfuls and arched her back.  I scooped Connie up in my arms for a cuddle and she enjoyed a cheek rub before I popped her back down to resume her munching.
Saturday 20th November PM; Connie ran to the hall door and meowed when I arrived. She wanted lots of fuss which I was happy to give her then I read your note and it made sense way she was meowing so much. I prepared her dinner and as Connie ate I pulled the curtains and blinds too. I then sat on the kitchen floor as she ate stroking her, Connie purred loudly as she munched down on her tuna wet food. After a good nosh down Connie lay in the dining area and had a wash then she rubbed her head against me purring loudly as she then weaved around the chair legs. I think Connie was a very happy cat. See attached pictures.