Saturday 11th December AM; The weather is pretty mild today so I popped all the little ones outside, carrying them individually so they all got a good cuddle and stroke from me.  The girls pottered around and I placed Benjy and Dandy in the bigger run while Samba and Jet took the other.  I swept up the flooring of the shed and tidied up as the weather should stay like this for a few days.  I refreshed all their mix and water and then went to check on Chicory when I finished.  I changed his water and refreshed his mix and seed and he came out to say hello.  I picked him up and gave him a long cuddle and strokes and he seemed to enjoy that.  He then had a wash before enjoying breakfast.

pm: I sorted out the little ones into their hutches and they got down to munching on carrots and pears and their mix.  Angel and Primrose won the contest in the loudest crunching while Benjy and Dandy were chatting to one another.  I popped fresh hay into the carriers and checked they were all fine and loaded up the bird feeder with nuts before checking on Chicory.  He was sound asleep and I topped up his mix and treats and popped some apple into his cage while he snoozed.

Friday 10th December PM; I went up to see Chicory first when I arrived, I saw your note and took him up the seeds, nuts, apple etc. He popped out of his bed to say hello and immediately started having a munch on the seeds! :) A gave him a nice stroke but he was more interested in his food. After changing his water I headed down stairs to sort the Guinea pigs food. I put fresh food and water in the hutches first so it was all ready for when I'd caught them. I got the girls in first as they where all in there little box it was easy to catch them. I gave them all a nice cuddle before they tucked into there food and hay :) I then got one of the boys out of the smaller run and gave him a cuddle before he went in and did the same with the second. The other two boys where a challenge! I put the girls box in their run so they would be enticed by the smell. I had to put it at the end of the tube so they would run up it and into the box. Eventually I got one gave him a fuss then went back to catch the last one! He was pretty easy, I think he was pretty hungry after all that running around :) I double checked all the hutches where properly shut before I left and left them all happily munching :)