Tuesday 29th December am; Teena met me in the kitchen and wasa so affectionate.  Roxy and Louise have enjoyed being with Teena so I was pleased I got to have a fuss with her this morning.  Teena munched down on her fresh breakfast once I had finished preparing it and then I sorted out her litter tray and brushed around the area.  Then it was down to some serious fuss and grooming as Teena rolled around on her bed on the cabinet and enjoyed a brush and purred very loudly.  She then gave my hand a good lick as a thank you.  I popped the rubbish into the bin outside and finally said goodbye to Teena, telling her that mum would be back soon.

Monday 28th December am; Teena was waiting for me by the front door as I got to the house. I left the door open for her to have some fresh air and peer out. I prepared her food and refreshed her water, then topped up her dry food. I gave her lots of attention then said goodbye until later. see attached photo.

pm; Teena sat outside this afternoon as I prepared her food and  cleaned her litter tray. She enjoyed a breath of fresh air and a cuddle with me. She left some of her wet food, i cleaned this away and gave her fresh. I emptied your bin then popped Teena inside and said goodbye.

Sunday 27th December am; Teena came rushing to the front door as I came into the flat. She sat by the front door and took in the fresh air as I washed her bowl and prepared her food. I refreshed her water and topped up her dry food. Her litter tray was clean. I left her to eat and I will see her later. see attached photo.

pm; Teena came into the kitchen, meowing for some cuddles. I gave her loads of head rubs and scratched around her neck which she loved and rolled around on the table! I topped up her dry food, refreshed her water and gave her more wet food. She hadn't used her litter tray. I turned the lamp off in your sitting room as i was worried about it being knocked off.

Saturday 26th December AM; Teena came out of the bedroom and greeted me. I refreshed her water, then opened the door to let her out. She had a little potter about and sat on the step. I gave her sheeba food and topped up her dry. Her litter box was clean. I then popped her in and said goodbye. see attached photos

pm; Teena was resting in the bedroom on top of the chest when i came in this afternoon. I gave her more wet food and refreshed her water and cleaned the litter tray, then said goodnight.

CHRISTMAS DAY AM; Teena was sat on the window ledge peering out of the window when I arrived. She greeted me at the door and I said Happy Christmas as she trotted around. I prepared her Christmas Breakfast feast and cleared out her litter tray. I called Teena over to the dressing table and I gave her a little brush. She thoroughly enjoyed her self and wriggled around as I brushed her. I then said Goodbye and will see her later.

See Xmas pictures below.

PM; Teena trotted around the lounge and kitchen when I arrived this evening. She looked very happy and rubbed her wet nose on my hand. I got her toys from the lounge and encouraged her to play but she was more interested in having a scratch on the post! I prepared her Xmas dinner and gave her fresh water. After clearing out her litter box it was then time for me to go so I said Goodbye and told her Roxy will be looking after her tomorrow.

Thursday 24th December AM; This morning Roxy came with me to meet Teena so she would know where everything was and could say hello to Teena as she will be caring for her from Boxing Day.  Teena was very affectionate and let me gently stroke her and looked forward to her breakfast as she rubbed her head around the table in the kitchen.  I washed up her bowl then prepared some Sheba wet food and topped up her dried and gave her fresh water.  Teena nose dived into her Sheba and seemed very happy chomping away.  I showed Roxy where Teena's toys were and the bins and we said goodbye to Teena.  Louise will be with Teena later.  See attached pictures.

PM; As I arrived this Christmas Eve I called for Teena and she pottered out of the bedroom to greet me. I sat on the floor and she let me stroke her a little before I got down to making her dinner. I gave Teena her food and she sniffed it and had a little munch before going over to her scratching post and having a good scratch. I left her looking very happy and will see her in the morning for a very Christmassy feed.