December 28th Monday; Nelson stood by the door and meowed as I came into the house. I cleaned out his bowl and gave him his wet food, which he had a little sniff at! I topped up his dry and refreshed his water. He had a drink while I took his photo. I then totally cleared out his litter tray and rerfreshed it, then said goodbye. See photo attached.

December 27th Sunday; Nelson came into the kitchen, meowing as I prepared his food. I washed his bowl and refreshed his water. He then went to the toilet in his tray so i cleaned it out. I gave Nelson a cuddle then said goodbye. see attached photo.

December 26th Saturday; Nelson made an appearence as I changed  his water and put down his food. He was relaxing on the bed, stretched out! He paced around as I tried to take a photo of him! I then cleaned out his litter tray and said goodbye. see attached photos.

CHRISTMAS DAY AM; Nelson was in the Christmas spirit this morning as he was having a nice long lie in on the bed! He purred away as I gently stroked him and then went and prepared his Christmas breakfast feast. Nelson had eaten up all his cat food that I gave him last night so I washed his bowl out and gave him fresh. I then cleared out his litter box and he came with me and watched. I gave him further Christmas cuddles before I had to go.

See below for a Xmas picture of Nelson!

Thursday 24th December; I arrived this Christmas Eve and called out for Nelson. I found him lying on the bed and he made a little meowing noise as I sat and stroked him for a while. I then went and prepared his dinner and Nelson came straight over to the desk to investigate what I had put down for him! Nelson had used his litter box so I cleared this out and put fresh in. I said goodbye to Nelson and will see him for a very Christmassy feed tomorrow.