Friday 2nd Octover AM; Genghy was in the kitchen this morning when I arrived.  We had a very long cuddle and then I sorted out his food and tray.  I popped some more water into his fountain, then sat on the ledge as Genghy drank and then he enjoyed looking into the garden while getting stroked.  Genghy really liked his lower back bring rubbed and purred very loudly.  Then I picked him up and popped him onto the sofa before saying goodbye, leaving Genghy settling down.

PM; Genghy walked across the room and meowed hello to me.  I scooped him up and we had a little cuddle.  Then I sorted out his tray and food.  I took the rubbish bin outside into your black bin and let Genghy with me so he could have a pad about.  He was so happy with his and rolled around the patio purring like crazy.  I sat out with him stroking him for awhile, then brought him back in and played on the ledge by the doors with his fishing rod.  Genghy had a little nibble of food and I finally said goodbye and told him his mummy and daddy would be back to see him soon.

Thursday 1st October AM; Genghy padded along the upstairs landing when I arrived so I picked him up and carried him downstairs. He liked his cuddles and I stroked him under his chin which made him very happy. Genghy went into his tray and did a wee, then raked the litter up sending it flying! After tidying up, I emptied Genghy's bowl and put fresh tuna and biscuits down for him. He went and had a quick munch but then walked to the back door to stare out the window. I sat with him for a while, smoothing his coat and he rubbed his head against my hand. Soon it was time for me to leave so I left Genghy for this morning.

PM; Genghy hadn't eaten much food from this morning, so I threw this away and washed up his bowl then popped his dried in there.  I cleaned out his tray, then sat with Genghy for about half an hour, stroking him as he ate, purring loudly in between mouthfuls.  Genghy arched his back as I made a fuss of him and he seemed very chilled out by the time I said good night.

Wednesday 30th September AM; Genghy met me at the bottom of the stairs and I scooped him up in my arms for a long cuddle.  He was soon purring away.  We played with his fishing rod but Genghy preferred rubbing his head against the rod instead and rolling over.  I spent 20mins with cuddle just playing and stroking him and he ate some food too.  As Genghy ate I sorted out his tray and was pleased to see he'd done a poo.  I swept around the tray and refreshed his litter and refilled his water fountain too.  I sat with Genghy again for a few minutes and left him sat on the chair but the window looking very relaxed.

PM; I (Louise) looked after Genghy for his dinner time feed. He was very happy to see me when I arrived and trotted over for some cuddles. He seemed very happy and twirled around my feet as I stroked him. Hanne had given me a tin of tuna for Genghy as a special treat. He instantly smelt it and mewed away as I unloaded it into his bowl. Genghy gobbled it straight up so I left him to have a good munch. I will be looking after Genghy tomorrow morning.

Tuesday 29th September AM; Genghy slowly made his way down the stairs this morning. He did a big yawn and a stretch and then I topped up his food. Genghy had a quick bite of food then we had a cuddle. He purred loudly and rolled around on the floor. He batted his mouse around for a quick play. Genghy followed me to the door when I left and I slipped away. Hanne will be with Genghy later.

PM; Genghy walked down the stairs this evening looking like he'd had a good sleep.  I called him over and we had a long cuddle on the puff.  He was purring away and I rubbed his tum.  We played with his fishing rod and he tapped away at the mouse but soon was after more tummy tickles.  Genghy had eaten hardly anything so I sat on the kitchen step and he soon tucked into his food, purring between mouthfuls as I stroked him.  I then swept around his tray and Genghy rewarded me with a long wee in the tray.  I checked his water which was running fine and then had some more cuddles and lots of strokes before saying goodnight.  See attached pictures.

Monday 28th September AM; Genghy was waiting by the door for me this morning. As soon as I came in I picked him up for a cuddle and immediately he started purring. After our cuddle session we got down to the important business of breakfast. Whilst Genghy was happily munching away I cleaned out his litter tray and swept around it. By the time I had finished Genghy was rolling around on the floor for further cuddles. As I left, Genghy had a good scratch on the scratching post. I will see him again later today.

PM; Genghy was waiting for me again this evening, so I scooped him up into my arms - a big bundle of ginger fur! His tray was clean so I topped up his food and then sat on the floor giving him more strokes and cuddles. He sat in my lap and purred away. After a while I popped him back down for play time but he wasn't too interested so I finished off by cuddling him and said goodbye until the morning.