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Sassy, Harriet and Frisky

Sunday 26th July; Frisky was in bed looking sleepy with his eyes closed when I arrived.  I popped the post in the kitchen and Harriet was her usual chirpy self and whirlled around me meowing in answer to my questions of 'how you are today' and so on.  Sassy sat on the back patio having a wash.  I washed up the cats dishes and mat, and prepared their food and fresh water.  I had some of the wet cat food left over so I popped some cling film over this and popped it into the fridge.  I then saw to Frisky who was now up and about and he let me stroke him then I washed out his bottle, changed his food and scooped out his poop.  I then gave the flowers and tomatoes a final water, before saying goodbye to all the pets and told their mum and dad would be back later.


Saturday 25th July; Frisky was making a thumping noise when I arrived this morning, I had a look to see what he was up to and he was hidden behind a cardboard box. Then he stopped popped his head out and looked at me as if to say “yes – what?”  I gave him a stroke then took out his food and water to refresh these and scooped out a best I could his poop.  Harriet was meowing for me to get a move on once I was ready to prepare her food and Sassy sat the other side of the cat flap watching the wildlife in the garden.  I washed down their mat and dishes and they had rabbit this morning, fresh water and dried food.  I used the hoover to go over the hallway and mat and then checked the plants outside before saying goodbye to Frisky and Harriet.

Friday 24th July; Frishy was munching on his food with his eyes closed this morning.  I said hello then Harriet was very affectionate wanting her food in the kitchen.  Sassy sat outside washing. I washed down their mat and bowls and today they had a double helping of chicken and dried food.  I picked out Frisky's poop, changed his food and water and gave him some apple to munch on, then checked the plants and said goodbye to all the pets.
Thursday 23rd July; Frisky was funny this morning, he had a mouthful of bedding and sat there watching me as I chatted to him picking out his poop and bits of food.  I changed his water and washed his bown and gave hm fresh food and the kitchen towel roll and he was happy to have a little stroke.  Meanwhile, Harriet meowed at me and we had a good chat as I washed up the dishes and wiped over the mat and floor.  She dived into her food.  Then Sassy feeling more brave appeared and ate some food too while I was standing there which is good.  I watered the plants and the tomatoes are looking good although I think a catepillar has had a munch on the mint.  I let all the pets enjoying breakfast.
Wednesday 22nd July; Frisky was up and awake and nibbling on a cornflake.  I said good morning to Frisky then pottered into the kitchen.  Harriet was there to say 'hello' and Sassy dived out of the cat flap then sat on the wall giving herself a wash.  We've had terrible weather very wet and the plants are well watered by the elements at the moment.  I washed up the dishes and prepared the food and fresh water as Harriet jumped onto the kitchen work top to 'help'.  As soon as the food hit the floor Harriet was munching down.  Meanwhile, Frisky has gotten used to me already - as I picked put his poop and food he sniffed my hand and climbed onto it and let me gently stroke his back which I thought was very brave.  I gave him fresh dried food and a large slice of apple cut into cubes and fresh water. Frisky munched on the apple as I popped another cardboard box into his tank and then said goodbye for today.
Tuesday 21st July; Frisky was looking very sleepy this morning and I said hello.  Harriet was on the stall waiting for me in the kitchen, while Sassy wasn't around at all.  The heavens have opened here and the rain was coming down hard.  I had a look out to the plants on the patio and they were getting a good water but at least it wasn't so windy today.  I washed up the dishes and Harriet tucked into the wet food and I refreshed their water.  Frisky had gone back to sleep and was snoozing away as I picked out his remainder of apple and uneaten food and freshed his food and water.  I left Frisky looking lovely and warm and wished I could be a gerbil for the day and curl up to sleep.

Monday 20th July; Harriet was back on the stall this morning when I arrived and Frisky was living up to his name and was full of beans.  Sassy was sat in the garden and I opened up the back door to check on the plants (as it had rained all yesterday and was windy).  Sassy went to approach me and meowed then decided it was safer to sit and watch from the pathway.  Harriet was very friendly and rubbed around me willing me on to prepare their breakfast.  I washed up their dishes and prepared their food and fresh water.  The I tended to Frisky who let me stroke him - which I thought was very brave and he nibbled on a cornflake as I changed his food and picked out some of his poop.  I refreshed his water and he had clean dried munch and some more apple.  Frisky made me smile as he then sieved through the food to pick out the best bits - sunflower seed and more cornflakes.  I left Frisky burying some of his treats.

Sunday 19th July am; Frisky was less than frisky this morning when I arrived - he shifted around in his bed and reminded me of a teenage boy who doesn't want to be disturbed out of his slumber.  So, I carried on into the kitchen where Harriet meet me sat on the stool.  We had a lovely chat and she was very affectionate.  She rubbed around me and I sat on the floor and she even head butted me as she whirled around.  She enjoyed a head scratch and a chin rub before I washed up the bowls and prepared their feast of a breakfast this morning.  Sassy wasn't around despite me looking for her in the garden.  Harriet nove dived into her food and seemed very happy.  I popped down a bowl of water and split the tin of food onto two dishes as well as the dried food.  Meanwhile, Frisky - still pretending to be asleep so I wouldn't disturb him (despite his tail twitching) will enjoy a little top up of his dried food, and a couple of slices of apple that I cut into cubes and fresh water.  I then said goodbye to Frisky for today.

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