Saturday 11th June am; Pee Wee very vocal today and made me laugh as she stretched on the stairs meowing as I was cleaning out her litter and sweeping up.  Every so often I had to stop to fuss and stroke her as she was so loud.  I then prepared her food, which after a scratch, Pee Wee tucked into.  Then I saw to the fish.  I racked over the flooring for the chickens as they roamed the garden and cleaned out their tray again and the nesting area.  I topped up all their food and changed the water before they munched down on their lettuce.  I watered the basil and popped this into the sink as it was looking a little sad and fed the fish.  I opened up the blind and popped off the light before saying goodbye to Pee Wee.  Justin will be caring for the little ones later as I have to go out.


Friday 10th June am; I opened up the cat flap and then Pee Wee joined me and mewoed away as I emptied her water fountain and refilled it with clean water.  She wasted no time in eating her Felix once I placed this down for her and then I fed the fish and headed out to see the girls.  I let Natasha, Nellie and Maggie out for a roam while I refreshed their water and food.  As soon as the lettuce came out the girls raced to their run and chomped down on their food.

PM; Pee Wee was soundo on the sofa and enjoyed lots of fuss and a brush.  I cleaned out her litter then saw to the chickens - they really enjoyed their meal worms tonight as I gave them a good handful.  I popped the one egg they'd laid into the fridge, changed their water and popped away their mash.  I then pulled down the blind and put on the light and Pee Wee had gone back to bed!

Thursday 9th June am; Pee Wee met me in the garden as I was sorting out the girls sawdust, racking it over and preparing their breakfast and fresh water.  She meowed angrily as if to say "Hey what about my food?". So, I did as I was told and sorted out Pee Wee who then tucked into her Felix as I popped on the water fountain.  The fish were obviously less vocal, however, swished around expectantly as I crunched up their flakes and opened up the blind. I left all the little ones happily munching. 

PM; The girls munched happily on their worms having pottered around the garden, while Pee Wee enjoyed a fuss and brush inside.  I popped away the chickens mash and locked their run down and then gave Pee Wee her dinner.  As Pee Wee crunched away at her biscuits, I popped on the light, checked the fish and popped down the blind.

Wednesday 8th June am; Pee Wee was ready and waiting for me and very vocal today - she was hungry.  I opened up the cat flap after giving her a stroke, then opened the blind and prepared Pee Wee's food.  The fish munched on their flakes and I let Natasha, Nellie and Maggie have a roam about the garden to stretch their legs as I racked over their sawdust, cleaned out their tray and refreshed their nesting paper.  I changed their water and prepared the girls food and they all raced into their run to enjoy their lettuce.

PM; Pee Wee enjoyed a brush on the sofa upstairs this evening and meowed away at me then purred like crazy.  She and I had a good love in before I turned my attention onto the hens.  I let the girls out for a mooch around as I popped the egg they laid into the fridge and prepared them for the evening.  The girls munched on their worms and I pulled the blind down and popped on the light for Pee Wee having locked down her flap for the night.

Tuesday 7th June am; I let the girls potter in the garden as I cleaned out their tray and popped the black bin out the front as the bin men had arrived.  I topped up their food and changed their water and Maggie, Natasha and Nellie all munched down on their lettuce.  Meanwhile, Pee Wee meowed loudly at me so I would know she was around. I opened up her cat flap and cleaned out her tray as Pee Wee sat on the stairs watching me.  After a stroke, I popped on her water fountain and prepared her food which she was grateful for.  I then fed the fish and they munched on their flakes as I opened up the blind and said goodbye until later.

PM; Pee Wee enjoyed a fuss upstairs in the study and she rolled around on the floor purring.  I gave her a little brush then sorted out her tea.  I pulled down the blind and chatted to the girls as they pecked at the ground as I locked down their run and pulled the bin back in.  The chickens enjoyed their meal worms and I tucked them up for the night.

Monday 6th June am; I headed out to see the girls and let them out for a potter.  As they pecked around Pee Wee woke up and came to see me.  The girls enjoyed their mash and lettuce once I sorted out their run, then I opened up the cat flap and gave Pee Wee her food which she nose dived into.  The fish were happy to have their flakes and I opened up the blind and popped off the light. It's a miserable day here raining, but good for the plants!

PM: Pee Wee enjoyed a brush while she rested on the sofa upstairs then she jumped down and rolled around on the floor, purring with legs akimbo!  I then saw to her food and popped down the blind and turned on the light and then went to see the girls having locked down Pee Wee's cat flap and emptied her litter tray.  The girls enjoyed some fresh water and meal worms and I popped the two eggs they laid into the fridge.  I then said goodbye for today.

Sunday 5th June am; Pee Wee pottered down stairs to see me as I was cleaning out her litter and she tucked into her breakfast - concertrating on the Felix food!  I fed the fish then let the chickens out for a stretch of legs around the garden as I cleaned out their tray, popped an egg they'd laid into the fridge then went about refilling their grub, water and the girls tucked into their lettuce.  I said goodbye to the little ones as they were all munching down and opened up the blind before saying bye to Pee Wee.

PM; I cleaned out Pee Wee's tray then went to see the girls and they were happy to eat their meal worms as I shut their run door, popped an egg into the fridge and popped away their grub.  Pee Wee was dozing on the sofa upstairs and was happy to have a stroke and fuss with.  I left Pee Wee to rest and topped up her dried food before pulling down the blind popping on the landing light and saying goodbye to the fishes for the evening.

Saturday 4th June PM; Peewee was snoozing against the wall in the hallway and meowed hello.  I gave her a brush and she purred away.  After lots of fuss I cleaned out her tray and swept up, topped up her dried food and turned off the water fountain and pulled down the blind.  I went out to see the girls and they were happy to munch on their meal worms as I shut down the door to their run.  I swept over their sawdust and then said goodbye to the fish for today. See attached photo.