Friday 3rd June; Noo was in her bed on the window sill and enjoying the sunshine that was coming through the window.  As I walked in, Albert rushed to the front door and I nearly went flying.  I then had a long cuddle with him and Noo weaved around my feet as I chatted to the little ones and went into the kitchen to sort out their food.  One of the cats must have killed a bird as some feathers were in the kitchen area, although there was no bird?!  I washed out the feeder and changed all the water bowls as Noo and Albert leapt onto the side to 'help' me with their breakfast.  As soon as I had adjusted the feeder and popped this onto the floor, Noo and Albert nose dived and munched away heartily.  I watered the basil and Maddie's herb then said goodbye to Noo and Albert for today.