Friday 11th September; I swept up around the litter tray and then gave the tray a complete changeover.  I wiped over the mats and then washed up all the bowls, refreshed the water and prepared the cats food.  Clyde then made a suprise appearance!  We had a lovely chat - he meowed away as I asked him if he was a good boy.  Clyde wanted lots of attention so I gave him lots of strokes and he rubbed his head and body into me purring away.  As I sorted out the food he hopped onto the kitchen table as if to hurry me along which was funny.  He had a munch on the wet food as I watered the tomatoes then went to check on the others.  Abi was all snuggled up in the conservatory and I gave her a head rub and checked her eyes.  Then Blue pottered by and headed upstairs, so I left him alone for some peace and quiet.  I popped the rubbish bag into the black bin outside, then placed a new one into the bin by the sink.  Before leaving, I popped the post onto the table and placed the garage fob into the security place.  I hope you had a great break and I'll catch up with you when I've back from hols on 29th Sept.

Thursday 10th September; I wiped over the mats this morning then washed up all the bowls.  The cats will have a double whammy of salmon and some chicken on the side.  I topped up their dried food, then sorted out their tray and picked up the pieces of wood chip litter that they'd kicked out around the sides of the tray.  Abi was in the conservatory spread out looking very chilled out.  I took the brush and she enjoyed the attention and wrapped her body around me as I chatted to her and brushes away.  Her coat looked lovely.  Then she trotted up the stairs to I went to see if I could find Blue or Clyde.  He was on the chair on one of the bedrooms and did a chripy meow as if to say 'hello' when I chatted to him.  I very gently stroked under his cheek and he closed his eyes as if to say 'that's great'.  After a few minutes of strokes, Blue hopped off the chair and went under the bed so I decided that was my cue to leave him be.  Meanwhile, Abi was now using the door frame for a back rub.  I said goodbye having checked the post box.  I think Clyde is alluding me on purpose just so I'll worry about him!

Tuesday 8th September; I popped the post onto the kitchen table and then set about wiping down the cats' mat and washed up their trays/dish.  They had eaten more dried food today and picked at their wet food from the timer trays.  I refreshed their dried food and today they will be munching on a double whammy of tuna and some rabbit on the side.  I watered the tomato plants as it's predicted to get to 28 degrees today, then I went to have a check on the cats.  Abi was sat on the chair in the conservatory and was very friendly.  I brushed her and then she followed me to the kitchen where I popped back her brush.  She weaved around the table legs and then pottered upstairs.  As I am concerned I haven't seen Blue or Clyde, I followed Abi.  Blue was sat on the chair in one of the bedrooms.  As soon as he saw me he went under the bed, so I left him be not wanting to disturb him.  I couldn't see Clyde, so I am assuming he's either hiding from me, or he's out on the tiles still, enjoying himself.  I will be back on Thursday, as tomorrow I know your daughter will be caring for the cats.

Monday 7th September; The cats were no where to be seen downstairs this morning, so I just washed up their bowls and timer trays and set about preparing their feast.  Today they will be enjoying topped up dried food and a mixture of salmon and tuna.  I refreshed their water and popped the poop down the loo, then readjusted the curtains in the front lounge windows.  I checked on the tomato plants and they seemed all fine.  I will water them tomorrow if it doesn't rain today (the weather looks very overcast but is humid).  I hope the cats will come out to see me tomorrow.

Sunday 6th September; I got to the cats around 8.15am this morning.  Only Abi was about - sat looking very cozy on her cat bed in the conversatory.  I chatted to her and let her smell my hand and then she let me very gently smooth her head and chaw line, which she seemed to like.  I then left her to set about preparing their food.  I washed up the timer trays and plate and wiped over the mat.  Today the cats are enjoying a medley of chicken, tuna and salmon - what a feast!  I refreshed the water and popped the poop down the toliet as instructed.  I then said goodbye to Abi for today.  I hope to see Blue and Clyde tomorrow!

See attached pictures.