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Monty - pet diary
Thursday 12th May; Monty had a play date with Horace and Biddy the black labs today and we went to the reserviors in Tring.  He gave Biddy kisses which she enjoyed and flirted back while Horace and Monty had a good sniff of bottoms before we headed on our trek.  The dogs were all very happy plodding out and about - they all scented and tracked their way along and Monty loved watching Horace and Biddy splashing about in the water.  He dipped his paw in and decided to stay dry.  Monty got to see lots of wildlife while we were out - from phesants running passed us to swans, geese and many ducks.  He peered over the ridge of the reserviors to nose at the flapping birds and then happily trotted along with Horace and Biddy. We were out about an hour and quarter before we headed back home.  I refreshed Monty's water and left him munching down on some treats. See attached picture.
Thursday 7th April; As always I was so happy to see Monty and he was as lovable as ever. I popped the car safety harness on him and he sat in the front with me. I gave him lots of fuss and we drove to Tring to walk with Horace and Biddy the two black labradors. They all got on well and we walked round by the canal and reserviours. Monty enjoyed a change of scene but wasn't too sure what to make of all the geese and especially a swan that started hissing at him! Horace and Biddy jumped into the water to cool down but Monty preferred to have a paddle instead. We walked home through the woodland where the dogs cooled down. We were back before we knew it and Monty looked really tired when he got home.
*You can't really stop dogs from rolling in fox poo, however if your dog shampoo is fragrant e.g. lavender then he may be rolling in it to disguise the smell. Hanne sells Aloe Vera shampoo which has little scent, is natural and is good for getting rid of fox smell!
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