Wednesday 8th June; Molly pulled initially around the cars then focused brilliantly on route to the woods. The weather was a touch drizzly so blobs of water dropped onto our heads from the tree canopy. We did our usual walk around the pathways and Molly scented and tracked her way around. Molly did a big poop then enjoyed looking at a rabbit hole as we weaved around the wooded paths. Soon it was time to make an about turn and head back home where she was reunited with mum. See attached.

Monday 6th June; Molly was in the kitchen keen to head out. I popped on her coat as it was raining and off we walked to the woods. Molly did her pees and a poop then walked with purpose, stopping only here and there for sniffs. Molly scouted the trees for squirrels and the birds were noticeably quiet as they were no doubt sheltering from the rain. We headed down a new pathway for a change of scene and Molly and I paused to smile at a frisky bull try and fail to have his wicked way with his female companion. Then it was time to head home where Molly could enjoy some fresh water and a doggie treat. See attached photo.