Sunday 17th October AM; The cats met me in the kitchen again this morning. They must have been hungry as they had eaten up all of their food! I gave them breakfast of wet, dried and dreamies treats. Darla and Obi went and munched on their breakfast. While they ate their breakfast I went and cleared out their litter tray and changed their water etc. Once they had finished I went and gave them a big cuddle goodbye. Both cats followed me into the garden trying to follow me home! Its been lovely working with Obi and Darla and hopefully see them again sometime.

Saturday 16th October PM; The cats were so sweet and came downstairs to see me this evening. Obi knew the that the catflap would be locked but attempted to get out anyway! They had eaten their wet food but left their biscuits, so I topped both bowls up with wet food and some dreamies treats too! Obi twirled around the door in anticipation and then dived into her dinner. Darla let me have an affectionate cuddle for a while. The cats had used their litter tray so I cleared it out, swept up and shook the mat out at the top of the garden. I carried Obi into the lounge, with Darla following me so that I could escape out the back door without her following me like this morning!

Saturday 16th October AM; This morning the cats came into the kitchen to see me. I sat down and gave them both a stroke and then got down to feeding them breakfast! I gave them wet food and biscuits and Obi was hungry and tucked straight in! Darla let me give her stroke which was sweet of her, she seems a little more confident with me and then she went and had a little bit of food too. We then went into the lounge and I found the toys to play with the cats, Darla was more interested in the toys than Obi and batted the toy around and seemed to enjoy herself. Obi let me pick her up for a cuddle and purred away. It was then time for me to leave. Obi made me laugh as she followed me out into the garden for an explore! I'll see them later. See pictures below!

Friday 15th October PM; It was really lovely to meet the cats this evening. I called out for them but found them curled up together, looking very cosy on the sofa! I sat on the floor and let them sniff me and suss me out. Obi was more confident that Darla and she let me give her a fuss and a cuddle. Soon it was time for their dinner and both cats followed me to the kitchen. I popped down half a packet of whiskas in each bowl and topped it up with biscuits. While I was doing this Obi tried to get out of the cat flap but luckily I had locked it down for the night! I made sure they had fresh water in their glass and pulled the curtains/blind and put on some lights. Both cats watched me leave but I told them I'll see them in the morning.