Tuesday 31st May; Roxie, Charlie and Bob all went out on their play date together today to Long Green woods and the farmers fields. They love this walk and soon they were charging up and down the hillside as the wind bend the tall grasses back and forth like waves. The dogs did lots of sniffing, weeing and poops and then Roxie and Charlie had a race followed by Bob and Charlie with Roxie bringing up the rear. As usual Charlie pipped the girls to the post with his lean long legs. So Roxie and Bob decided to have a little run in circles amongst the poppies while Charlie sniffed around catching up on the latest dog news in the neighbourhood.  The sun popped in and out behind the clouds as we made our way through the fields. The dogs had some more games of chase and they looked like horses in the Grand National as they leaped over grassy mounds in pursuit of one another. Bob enjoyed a dig in the ground while Charlie spun around being silly as Roxie circled him. Soon it was time to make our way back through the fields and woods to the car where the dogs could then say goodbye and head home for a rest and well earned doggie treat. See attached photo.