Tuesday 14th June; Jimmy enjoyed a stroke from me then Charlie appeared for some fuss.  She croakily meowed at me to hurry me up as I was washing up their bowls and she hissed at Jimmy as I placed the bowl down as she was hungry and wanted first dibs on the food!  Thomas stretched and yawned and watched from afar at Charlie's antics and purred lightly as I chatted to her.  I told the little ones that they would be seeing their mum very soon.

Monday 13th June; Jimmy seemed pleased to see me and weaved around me in the kitchen.  He arched his back as I fussed over him and gave him long strokes.  Charlie then arrived and purred as I stroked her and shortly after Thomas blinked herself awake in the lounge area.  I sorted out their food and Charlie and Jimmy dived in as usual first.  This meant Thomas could enjoy a good head rub.  I left Thomas quietly purring away as she watched the others munching.

Sunday 12th June; I got to the cats around 9.30am and they looked at me with curiousity as they have met me a couple of times - I think they were expecting to see Hanne.  Jimmy and Charlie watched me as I topped up their bowls and changed their water and then Thomas came downstairs to see me.  The cats enjoyed their food while the rain poured down outside.  I gave Charlie a stroke as she ate then said goodbye.  Hanne will be back with them tomorrow.

Saturday 11th June; Jimmy was up and about and enjoyed a head stroke while I wiped over the kitchen mat and washed up the bowls.  Thomas and Charlie arrived and she weaved around me while Thomas looked tired and blinked in the lounge area.  As soon as I had placed the bowls onto the floor, Charlie and Jimmy dived for the food, so it was just as well Thomas was being patient!  I said goodbye and told the girls that it would be Justin caring for them tomorrow morning for their feed.

Friday 10th June; Charlie was sat on the table in the front room looking out for me.  I said good morning then gave her a long stroke.  Charlie was very vocal today - I think she was getting me to hurry up with her food!  So Jimmy pottered around my feet and was hungry for food too.  As soon as I set the bowls down, Charlie nose dived into the bowl, even giving Jimmy a little hiss to make sure he moved out of the way so she could get the best position.  Soon the pair were happily munching while Thomas decided to have a lay in.

Thursday 9th June; The light was on in the lounge this morning when I arrived and Jimmy was in the kitchen.  I'm not sure if I had disturbed anyone as it was 6am, but there was a plate in the kitchen - sorry if I woke anyone!  I chatted to the girls who pottered down the stairs to see me, then I filled their bowls and changed their water.  Charlie was feeling in an affectionate mood so enjoyed a cheek rub which sent her lightly purring, before I turned off the light and said goodbye.  I popped the post onto the worktop.

Wednesday 8th June; The little ones all met me in the lounge area and I gave their mat a wipe over before preparing their food.  The girls tucked in while Jimmy was polite and watched over before thrusting his head into the bowl where Charlie was munching.  I checked on the boxes and popped the mail on the side before giving the cats a stroke then saying goodbye.

Tuesday 7th June; Jimmy appeared at the back door and meowed - he seemed to have forgotten how to use the cat flap so I opened up the door for him and tested the cat flap to ensure it was all fine - it was.  Jimmy was then joined by Charlie who had been rubbed herself against the wall then over to me in anticipation of her food - then pottered down the stairs Charlie, who looked very sleepy.  All the cats munched down on their food as I changed their water and made a fuss of them.  They all seemed very happy indeed.  I popped a fresh bin bag into the bin and placed the empty dried cat food bag into the bin.  I said goodbye to the little ones for today.

Monday 6th June; Jimmy was out in the garden in the rain pottering while the girls came down to see me.  All the cats were hungry and as soon as I prepared their food they munched down and I changed their water.  The garden and plants will be getting a good drink today as its raining hard!

Sunday 5th June; Jimmy (who is looking super slim) was in the kitchen and enjoyed a head rub from me and weaved around hungrily as I prepared the little ones breakfast. Charlie and Thomas then came to see me and they too enjoyed a stroke before they tucked into their food.  I watered the window sill plants and Jimmy came out the back with me and had a little wash.  I said goodbye to the cats for today, leaving them to munch down in peace.

Saturday 4th June; Charlie and Thomas slowly pottered down the stairs to see me while Jimmy jumped off the sofa, had a little wash then went outside for his morning stretch.  The cats weaved around me as I wiped over their mat and changed their water and popped down their food.  I split their food into two bowls so the girls could both eat at the same time rather than fight over the one bowl.  They munched happily as Jimmy surveyed the garden and pottered off.