Friday 6th May; Bobby looked as happy as ever when I arrived for her walk today. It was such a lovely morning with the temperature rising already. Bobby and I walked to the canal in the Apsley direction. It was nice and quiet along here so we trotted along enjoying the peace and quiet. Bobby was happy to have a sniff around and her ears pricked up whenever she heard a rustle in the bushes. We walked back home along the roadway, then through the park where Bobby got to see lots of rabbits hopping about! Bobby got very excited and enjoyed watching them all! As we headed back Bobby looked really hot so I made sure she had plenty too drink before I left her.

Thursday 5th May; Bobby met me at the door again and then scurried to the back door ready for her walk. Today my Boyfriend joined us for our walk and Bobby was pleased to have the extra company. We walked upto the farm again today where Bobby had a brilliant time sniffing around and exploring. The cows watched us pass but didn't come over today. We headed over the A41 bridge and then turned right into the big field. Bobby was very playful but I hadn't picked up a ball so she showed off all her tricks which impressed my boyfriend, especially how good she is at staying! We had a nice time walking in the fields before heading back. Bobby said Goodbye and then I headed inside with her and gave her breakfast and water.

Wednesday 4th May; Bobby peered around the door when I arrived to see who it was! She followed me to the back door where she sat down and waited for her lead and collar to be put on. Today it was so lovely and sunny so we both were eagre for our walk. Today we walked to the farm off of Watford Road. We headed through the big field and then over the A41 bridge. Bobby really loved exploring and sniffing around here and it was abit of an adventure for me too as I haven't ever been there before! We walked through all the long, lush, green grass and Bobby wagged her tail excitedly with all the scents that she had picked up. We walked passed some horses and then a herd of young cows who chased us (they were on the other side of a fence)! Bobby didn't like the cows and barked at them but it made no difference and they chased us all the way to the end of their field! We then headed over the second A41 bridge and back home along the road. Bobby was so hot by the time we got back and had a big gulp of her drink and then lay on the floor to cool down.