Thursday 12th May; Daisy met me in the garden and looked excited to go out for her walk. She bounced around and we headed to the park. Daisy trotted along and had a nice time sniffing. We walked around the field and Daisy had a nice time exploring. We headed back home for the last time and I said Goodbye to Daisy which was very sad.

Wednesday 11th May; I was very confused when Daisy appeared in the garden today when I arrived! It was very nice to finally meet you Kathleen although a bit sad that it was my very last walk with Daisy :( We wandered down to the recreational fields and Daisy did her best sit for me by the main road :) We ran around together on the field, Daisy dashing away then launching herself back in my direction and jumping around my feet, we must have both looked totally mad! We had lots of fun and played some hunt the treat which Daisy very much enjoyed. We had a lovely time playing before it was time to head home and say goodbye. I gave Daisy a good dry off before she disappeared in to the living room with her yummy treat! :)

Tuesday 10th May; Daisy was very excited today and let out a little woof when I arrived. I put her harness on and we headed down to the recreation field. Daisy went for a quick poop then got down to some good old sniffing and marking. We played some hunt the treat and had a good run around together, it was great fun. It was soon time to be heading home where Daisy was puffing away. I refreshed her water and she scrabbled on to the sofa and licked her lips when I gave her her treat :)

Monday 9th May; Daisy was scrabbling at the back door when I arrived today she was very excited and it was nice to see her too. I popped on her harness and we headed for the moor. Daisy busily sniffed along and had lots of fun exploring today, she did lots of scent marking and caught up on all the doggy gossip as she snuffled her way through the field. On the way home we bumped in to a postman, Daisy ran up to say hello and he gave her some fuss, she was very happy. When we got back Daisy was very warm, I refreshed her water and she jumped on to the sofa for a yummy treat :)

Friday 6th May; Daisy was definitely much better than when I saw her on Wednesday as she was so full of life! She raced around as I went to get her harness and lead and barked in excitement. We headed off for our walk and made our way to the field across the road. Daisy took her time pottering along and having a nice sniff here and there. In the field Daisy sniffed around and bounced around happily. Daisy soon got very hot though so we headed back. Daisy was very slow on the way home and panting hard. I tried to take her in the shade as much as possible. The room was cool enough for Daisy when we got back and she headed straight to bed!