Tuesday 31st May;  Leo was very excited for his walk and I gave him lots of fuss and said hello to lynns brother as I rapped up Leos bandaged foot! He lifted his paw up and flopped it down not quite able to walk properly bless him, I did have to have a little giggle as he plodded along. It was pretty wet out so I tried to stick to the pavement this morning. We wandered down the road and Leo had a good sniff as we went. We walked right down the road until we couldn't walk on the path anymore and headed in to a field. Leo snuffled around in the long grass and did lots of scent marking before it was time to head home.
PM; Hanne popped in with me this afternoon to say goodbye to Leo. He got so excited and was jumping up and down! Hanne gave Leo lots of fuss and headed off. I hadn't spotted the card earlier but I will pass it on to her when i'm back in the office. Leo and I headed out, Leo with his sock on plodding around, we got a couple of smiles from people sitting at the pub! :) We walked around the field then down the footpath, I could tell Leo was desperate to have a good run around but couldn't. He stuck his head in all the hedges and had a good sniff about before it was time to plod home. I changed his water and gave Leo a big hug and a biscuit to say good bye. It has been lovely walking with Leo. Best wishes to you all. Bryony.

Thursdy 26th May; The boys were delighted to see one another and we had a lovely walk through the fields to Bridgewater school until the rain pelted at us. Harley and Leo didn't care as they charged about. We met a lovely terrier who the boys had a play with before they dived through the tall grasses, bobbing up and down like seagulls riding the waves. As it was cooler today the boys had lots of energy and chased each other around until they were popped. Leo rolled around in the ditch while Harley looked on. Soon it was time to make our way through the fields back to the car. Once in the car I spotted Leo had cut his pad of his paw, so I drove to the vets and he got checked in while Harley patiently waited. Then it was back home for fresh water, a rub down and a munch on treats.

Wednesday 25th May am; Leo was ready for his walk this morning and couldn't wait to head to the woods. We met a white terrier and golden lab who had a little flirt with Leo before we continued on into the shade. We walked at a slow pace so Leo wouldn't get to hot - he investigated the dip where usually a puddle can be found, but on this occasion he was disappointed. We then met Charlie and Seth two labradors and Charlie was very silly and wiggily indeed. We said goodbye and Leo had a couple of mouthfuls of grass before we got home for fresh water and doggie snacks. See attached.

PM; Leo was very happy to see me again and presented my with donkey, honking him around and delighted to be heading into the sunshine. Leo wanted to go to the pub fields again but we went my way this afternoon walking through the fields towards Bovingdon. The sun made the grasses look stunning and Leo posed in them as I told him how handsome he was (he knows it too). Leo did lots of sniffing around and wees before having a roll around, legs akimbo - its a dog's life indeed as we headed home after his walk for cool water and his doggie treat.


Tuesday 24th May AM; Leo was sat at the back door when I arrived today. I went in and refreshed his water and put his bowl in the sink before we headed out. We wandered down the road and Leo had a good sniff about. We walked down the little footpath at the back of the houses and I let Leo off for a run. He busily sniffed about and had a rummage through all teh hedges. He did lots of scent marking and did a big poop before it was time to be heading home. I gave him a tasty treat nd said i'd see him later.
PM; Leo couldn't wait to get out and he rushed out the door bringing Donkey with him! I popped him on his lead and we wandered across the pub car park. Leo kept hold of Donkey, showing him off. When we got in the field he dropped it at my feet to play. I threw Donkey into the long grass ad Leo dashed off trying to find him then returned and dropped im at my feet. We had lots of fun playing hide and seek in the long grass. Leo was very warn out by home time. He went in and had a good drink while I said goodbye.

Monday 23rd May; Harley and Leo raced around the farmers fields happy to see one another. The crows circled above us as the boys slowed to sniff various bushes and long grasses. The wind whipped around us sending the boys ears flapping as they trotted through the buttercups. As we neared Bridgewater School fields Harley and Leo enjoyed some chase and wrestle games. Being cooler today the boys were not seeking out water puddles or bogs! Soon it was time to make our way back through the fields and a great last ditch attempt by Leo and Harley was had as they tried to sprint ahead of one another. Then it was into the car and back home for water and munchies. See attached.

PM; Leo was excited for his afternoon walk and I gave him some fuss as we headed out, I took one of his toys so we could play in the fields together. I hid Leos toy and he had great fun racing around sniffing trying to find it. Leo did lots of scent marking and had a bit of a roll around in the long patches of grass. I gave his tummy a tickle as he rolled over. He had so much fun playing around before it was time to be going home. I left Leo some tasty treats which he munched as I left.