Thursday 28th July; Toby, Biddy and Horace enjoyed a walk as usual through the meadow and around the reservoirs. There were plenty of people out today who wanted to give the three canine musketeers fuss and strokes and Toby, Horace and Biddy were delighted with the attention! Biddy decided to square up to a swan at one point then thought better of it as Horace, Toby and I walked away. The temperature rose and soon the temptation of cool water was too much and Horace with Biddy took a couple of dips. Back home, I refreshed the water and the little ones enjoyed a doggie snack in the comfort of their own beds and respective homes. See attached photo

Tuesday 26th July; Toby, Horace and Biddy and I walked our usual route over the hump back bridge and to the reserviors.  We met a few walkers but today the dogs were mainly interested in pausing to stop almost at every step to soak up all the wonderful scents on route.  Biddy and Horace took a dip in the open section of the first reservior and Toby stood on the side lines with me, his tail wagging.  Biddy then shook over us and made Toby and I shake ourselves off!  We then bumped into Horace and Biddy's canine neighbour Cooper - the collie x springer. Toby loved Cooper and there was lots of sillinesss, play bows and the like. Cooper charged around and Horace joined in whizzing by us. Biddy trotted along next to me.  We walked with Cooper all the way back to the house and said goodbye before Toby, Horace and Biddy then parted ways for today and then it was inside for water and doggie snacks.

Monday 25th July; Horace, Biddy and Toby went out on their play date together. We pottered to the meadow and around to the water where we met the little russet cocker we sometimes bump into. Toby likes this little dog and they played back and forth to one another. Horace and Biddy decided the weather was simply too good not to have a dip and then all three dogs did their best cow impressions munching on grass. We plod around and Biddy enjoyed stalking some ducks and soon it was time to turn tail and head back home for water and doggie munchies. See attached photo.