Monday 22nd November; Arthur was pleased to see me this afternoon for his walk and bounded around like a puppy. We headed to Butts Meadow where we spotted Bryony walking Harry and Sally (two chocolate labradors) on the other side of the road. I told her we would meet her in the field, to create some space and then they met in the field. Harry really liked Arthur and the boys went whizzing around together playing. Sally enjoyed watching the boys but prefered to sniff and find apples. We walked to middle field together where there seemed to be tons of other dogs. Harry and Arthur enjoyed each others company and were very loud play barking at each other! Sally made me laugh as at one point she stood between the boys which is a calming gesture, bless her! Harry and Sally's walk is only half an hour so we let them play together for as long as possible and then parted ways. Together Arthur and I walked down to the canal. Arthur enjoyed sniffing around, watching the geese and I gave him a long scratch which made his bum wiggle! We weaved around the highstreet back home where I dropped Arthur in and said Goodbye. See photo attached.