Tuesday 23rd November AM;  Rollo went to Ashridge this morning and was joined by Howard the WTD team dog. Rollo enjoyed scenting and tracking around the open fields of the estate and said hello to three fellow Golden Retrievers and a happy Springer Spaniel as we made our way around. Rollo did lots of wees and a poop then had a little play bow and dance around with Howard before he went back to his sniff-a-thon. Rollo then had a real social whirl as we met a Lab cross Springer (Alfie), a Labradoodle (Rolly), one Jack Russell and a Heinz 57 dog! He bounced around like a puppy before resuming his pottering pace. We then met Connor and Benson two stunning Irish Setters and both Rollo and Howard had a good play with one another and Rollo bounced around again looking very happy indeed - they all played for a good 20mins. When it was time to go I helped Rollo into the car and gave his paws and tummy a rub down. Then we headed back to Berkhamsted where he was reunited with Debbie. See attached pictures.

PM; Rollo, Howard and I walked to Long Green woodland and took it at a slow pace and the dogs soaked up the scents along the way. We bumped into Breacon one of our client labrador's who flirted with Rollo and he smiled at her wagging his tail. We continued on and Rollo then had another rendezvous with a 1yrs black female Labrador who loved Rollo and wiggled her bottom at him. He certainly is a hit with the ladies!  We headed into the woodland and Rollo did a big poop and then paused to watch a squirrel somersault across branches. Back at the car Rollo enjoyed his rub down then we headed back to the office where Rollo could be back with his pack.