Monday 15th November; Leo met me in the garden with Chris, I'm sure he was being very useful and helping with the gardening! This morning Leo had a playdate with Harley so we drove down to go and meet him. The boys and I walked to the fields by Bridgewater school. They were so pleased to see each other again and couldn't wait for a mess around together. The boys zoomed around the fields jumping over each other and running and chasing each other. Leo found a lovely big puddle to play in and splashed around covering Harley in water. The boys had fun but they soon got really hot and lay down on the wet grass to cool off. They had a great time together and I loaded two very tired dogs into the car. I'll see Leo later.

PM; This afternoon Leo and I walked down to the horse fields. He seemed very quiet, must be tired from all the running around he did this morning! Leo enjoyed sniffing about and exploring in the long grass. It was getting dark so lots of wildlife came out, I saw a munkjack and lots of rabbits but Leo seemed to miss them all! Which is probably a good thing! When we got back home Leo let me dry him and then slowly got up and wandered to his bed.