Friday 19th November; Today Harley had a playdate with Arthur the 9year old Boxer. They met in the car and then we drove up to the fields by Bridgewater School. Once again Harley loved his new friend and they both got on like a house on fire! We walked to the field where I let them off lead and they went racing around together, Arthur does not act like a 9year old! The boys leapt around over each other and ran around the fields together. Harley was very respectful of Arthur and wasn't as bouncy as he is with Leo as he could tell Arthur is older. They had a wonderful time, splashing through puddles and mucking around in the corn fields. Along the way we met a beautiful female boxer dog who the boys took a shine too. Arthur paticularly liked her of course but Harley was a big flirt too and they had a fun time playing together for a while. On the way home the boys ran and ran around and finally looked tired when I popped them back into the car! See pictures below.

Thursday 18th November; Today I picked up Harley first and drove him to Leo's part of the world (Ashley Green) for their playdate. They were happy to see each other again and as soon as they met they started playing. We walked first to a big field behind the Golden Eagle Pub. The boys raced around playing together, leaping over each other and generally messing around. Leo showed Harley the sights and they had a good sniff around too. We then walked down Hog Lane where we met a couple (who I often see out with Leo) who were overjoyed to meet Harley. They gave both boys a huge fuss which went down well! We then walked to some other fields where the boys had a great time playing together. Harley and Leo spotted a garden gate was open and went racing in and jumped in the pond! I quickly had to get them both out, luckily nobody saw but I hope there were no fish in there! The boys enjoyed a splash around in there together anyway. We then walked around passed some stables and then finally back to where we started. Leo and Harley had so much fun together as always and looked pretty tired when I dropped them both home. See pictures below.

Monday 15th November; Today Harley had a playdate with his good friend Leo up in the fields by Bridgewater School. The boys had tons of fun again, racing around the fields and playing together. Leo ran down into the pond bit followed by Harley and they splashed around in the water together. The boys played chase at 100mph whizzing by and leaping over each other. They soon got really hot and lay down on the wet grass too cool off. The boys had a great time together as always and I don't think Harley wanted to leave Leo as when I dropped him off he followed me to the door and watched me leave!