Thursday 28st July; Bonnie and Rex and I walked to the fields and woodlands - today we met lots of dogs from labs, retrievers to staffi's and jack russells. Bonnie and Rex seemed to enjoy their potter around, sniffing other dogs bums and tracking smells in the undergrowth. It got pretty hot while out so back home the little ones enjoyed a drink and a head scratch before nibbling on a doggie treat.

Wednsday 20th July; Bonnie and Rex were their usual jolly selves and made me feel very loved and welcome with licks on my face as I bent down to pop on leads. They walked beautifully to the woodland and we had a great walk pottering around and bumped into little Lilly the poodle cross schnauser. Rex gave her a good sniff while Bonnie did some play bows as she tried to entice Lily to give up her ball for her!  It didn't work.  We walked to the end of the woods and around the green before retracing our steps through the woods.  Back home I gave the dogs some of my treats before saying goodbye until tomorrow.

Wednesday 13th July; Bonnie, Rex and the cats all said hello to me and then the dogs and I headed out for our walk. We did our favourite route of the woodland path through to the fields. The dogs walked beautifully and we said hello to several walkers while out and about although we didn't meet any dogs. Rex and Bonnie enjoyed sniffing about and did lots of scent mark along the way. The weather held despite looking overcast and soon the little ones were panting away. So back home I topped up their water and gave them some doggie snacks before saying goodbye until tomorrow. See attached photo.