Saturday 4th June am; The garage was open when I arrived and Fudge and Snowball tittered away as I said good morning.  I topped up the little ones hay and Ant watched me as I added some more mix to their food, broccoli that I had brought from home and refreshed their water.  Making sure they were all happy, I then said goodbye for the last time.

Friday 3rd June am; I opened up the garage and the little ones squeeked morning to me.  I gave Ant, Fudge and Snowball a clean out this morning and gave them some fresh mix, water, hay, and carrot to munch on.  The little ones wasted no time in crunching down on their food and I left them to enjoy their clean hutches.

pm: The carrots had gone down very well from this morning and all but munched up, so I picked out the pieces and topped up the little ones food and hay and gave Fudge a little stroke as he was watching me going about my duties.  I popped the garage door down and the little ones were crunching down on their food as I said goodbye for today.

Thursday 2nd June am; I opened up the garage and the sun flooded into the hutches and the little ones came out to say hello.  I refreshed their water, hay, food and gave them an apple each as I stroked Snowball and said hello to Ant.  Fudge decided to sit under his willow arch rather than have a stroke.  I checked they were all well before saying goodbye until later.

PM; I bought along some carrots and celery from home for the guinea pigs this evening as they've nearly run out of fresh food.  Ant, Snowball and Fudge had all had some of their cabbage from earlier so I took out the remains as it had gone a little from earlier what with the heat etc.  I stroked the guinea pigs and chatted to them and Snowball squeaked back at me.  I shut down the garage door and said goodbye until tomorrow.

Wednesday 1st June am; The little ones squeaked when I arrived and I emptied out their water and bowls and refreshed them with mix, pellets, brocolli and a little cabbage leaves.  They are running low on fresh food as I had to bin some of the cabbage in the box as it was off.  I gave them an apple each and topped up the hay in An, Snowball and Fudge's bedrooms.  I had a little cuddle with Ant today as I wanted to check if he was ok as he's not been eatng very much the last couple of days.  He seems fine and was very good letting me stroke him.  I then said goodbye until later.

PM; I topped up the little ones hay, cabbage and mix this evening and added the last stems of broccoli to their tea. Snowball was straight at the cabbage munching away.  Ant had decided to eat most of his nibble stick today in preference to his healthy food options, which made me smile - just like children.  I said goodbye to the decorators and to the guinea pigs for this evening.

Tuesday 31st May am; Snowball, Fudge and Ant were squeeking hello to me this morning. Snowball was particularly nosy as I sorted out their bedding, breakfast and fresh water.  I topped up the little ones hay in their bedrooms as they are all munching through it at a record speed at the moment.  The sun was up and out and I wished Ant, Fudge and Snowball a good day and I will see them again later.


Bank Holiday Monday 30th May am; I said good morning to the workmen and set about cleaning out the old food in the pets bowls and topped up their mix and cabbage. Snowball and Fudge squeaked excitedly as I refreshed their water and popped a shoe box into their hutch so they could have an explore and munch on the cardboard.  I placed some hay into the little ones bedrooms as they had munched their way through the bundle from yesterday, then I said goodbye until later.

pm; I topped up the little ones mix food and cabbage leaves plus some hay as Ant, Snowball and Fudge had had a good munch through this from earlier today. The workman were still at the house to I kept the garage door open as they were still pottering in and out.  Ant was brave and let me give him a stroke before I said goodbye for today.

Sunday 29th May pm; Ant, Snowball and Fudge were out in the main section to who had arrived. I chatted to the little ones as I took out their pear and apple as it looked like it had seen better days and refreshed their pellet food, water and gave them all some hay and cabbage with broccoli to munch on. Ant stayed in hius bedroom as I arranged his seed stick in his run, whereas Snowball came out to see what delights were on offer.  I closed down the garage door and said goodbye until tomorrow.