Friday 5th November; I collected Harley and we headed out for our walk. Harley was meant to be playdated with Howard today but Howard has gone lame so I walked Harley alone. Harley was so sweet and walked over to the car wondering where his buddy was! I told him that I would have to be his playmate today. We walked upto the top fields and walked through the sheep. They were funny as they just stared at Harley as we walked passed and Harley tried to get them to play! We walked through the fields where Harley had a sniff around, I kept him on the lead as he wasn't with a friend. Harley and I had some fun and games and Harley ran from side to side and playbowed too me. He looked happy! We had a good old walk before it was time to head home. I dropped Harley off and promised him he will see some more friends next week.

Thursday 4th November; Today Harley had a playdate with Leo, the Golden Retriever. They met in the car and said Hello through the back seats and we drove upto the fields by Bridgewater School. As soon as I got them out the car the boys got very excited and immediately wanted to play! Once in the field I let them both off lead and they went racing off together, playing and saying Hello. They were a brilliant match and they had a great time bounding around, chasing each other and play wrestling with each other. After around 15 mins the boys were knackered and they both lay down, which I thought was sweet as they were mimicking each other. Leo was a bad influence and encouraged Harley into a big muddy puddle! The boys had fun splashing around and racing in and out of the puddle. Leo decided he wanted to be brown like Harley and lay down in the puddle then rolled so he got covered in mud head to toe. On the way home we bumped into a Weirander dog and a Jack Russell. The boys said Hello and then had another play around with some more friends. They both were absoulty shattered by the time we got back to the car. I gave them a drink out of the bottle and then loaded them in and drove back home. I'm sure Harley and Leo are going to be very good friends!

Monday 1st November: Harley enjoyed riding in my landrover and had a sniff hello with Howard through the dog grate. We went to the cricket fields and the boys played together after a jolly good sniff along the hedges first. Harley made me laugh as he was so happy to have a mate his jumped over Howard and play bowed. The boys were ever so good together and we played hunt the treat in the fields. Harley danced around in circles and spotted a bird however, he was more interested in being with his new best chum. Back at the car I towelled Harley's paws down and took him home, no doubt he will sleep well this afternoon. I changed his water and have Harley some treats before leaving.  See attached photos.