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Barney - pet diary

Friday 3rd June; When I arrived today Barney bundled over to greet me but not as enthusiasticly as normal, I got the message about Barney not being very well and thought that must be why. We plodded wont he road to butts meadow, it was very hot and Barney was puffing away already. We started to wander round the field when Barney stopped adn was sick a coulpe of times then went to the loo. I kept right in the shade and plodded along at Barneys pace. He kept sitting down in the shade for a rest and to chew on a stick. We had a nice steady walk aroudn the tow fields taking it easy. I got back to the house a few minutes early as I was worried Barney was getting too dehydrated. He laped up his water then I let him in to the garden where we played with his ball for five minutes before I had to go. Barney went and sat on his bed as usual and I went over to give him lots of fuss, I gave him a big cuddle and left very teary eyed! I will miss Barney so much he's lovely! Best wishes to all of you.

Thursday 2nd June; Barney was very excited today, he was sat by the front door waiting. I went and changed his water before we left to give him a chance to calm down then we headed out. Barney and I headed up the alley ways trying to keep in the shade as it was very warm. I decided to head down to the woods so it wasn't too hot for us to have a nice wander. Barney found a chunky stick to have a good chew on. He dropped it at my feet and I kicked it along for him as he chased it getting very excited! Barney did lots of exploring and scent marking before it was time to head home. When we got back I was quite sad knowing it's our last walk together tomorrow. I gave barney a tasty treat and some fuss then left him munching :)

Wedneday 1st June; Barney was ready and raring for his walk as usual and we headed down the road towards the canal. Barney had a good nose over the bridge in to the water to see if he could spot and ducks! As we walked along the foot path Barney chased some ducks causing them to fly in to the air then land down in the water, he looked very amused doing this! He had lots of fun sniffing and scent marking and we had a lovely wander around the castle before we turned to go home. We bumped in to some people I know and they all gave Barney ltos of fuss and said how lovely he is! Barney soaked up all the fuss and we headed back. Barney was very hot and plonked himself on the floor as soon as we got in. Barney had a big drink of his water and I gave him a yummy snack on his bed :)

Tuesday 31st May; Barney launched himself at me as I came through the door today, he was so excited to be going out in the lovely sunshine! We headed up the road and Barney had a good twirl around his lead. We walked up the alleys to the top of Dennys lane then headed down the hill to explore the woods. Barney was busily sniffing his way along and doing lots of scent marking. When we got in to the woods there where lots of exciting smells and Barney darted about trying to soak them all up! He found a big chunky stick and decided he wanted to lie down and chew it for a bit before he gave it to me to kick along for him! He had great fun with his stick and exploring the woods before it was time to be heading home. On the way back Barney stopped at a couple of puddles to have a good drink as it was pretty warm. When we got back I filled up his water bowl and gave him a couple of treats on his bed :)

Friday 27th May; Barney was waiting at the window for me today, as soon as he spotted me he dashed to the door to greet me. We headed down the road to Butts Meadow and started to walk round. Unfortunately Barney had a runny tummy again today and he had to stop a few times for the loo. We carried on around and walk to the top field before heading down to the field next to the canal. Barney had lots of fun sniffing about and watching all the little ducklings on the water! Barney did lots of scentmarking and had a good chew on some sticks before it was time to head home. When we got back I filled up Barney's water and he had a good long drink before hopping in his bed and I said goodbye for the weekend :)

Thursday 26th May; Barney was very bright today and couldn't wait to get out on his walk, it started raining as we headed out but Barney carried on sniffing along not paying much attention. He seemed a lot better today and didn't have a bad belly. He did lots of scent marking as we walked along the canal and headed to the castle. We bumped in to a few dogs today but Bareny was pretty well behaved as they passed. Around the castle it was a bit blowy and as we walked round their stood two young Bucks, they froze when they saw us and Barney didn't know what to make of them at all, he watched them closely as they dashed off in opposite directions to hide from us, Barney was fasinated by them. We carried on around and it was time to be heading home. I filled up Barneys bowl and he had a really long drink before hopping on his bed :)

Wednesday 25th May; When I arrived I let Barney out in to the garden as asked but he wouldn;t go unless I did so I followed him out. He ran dwon the garden and collected his football and dropped it at my feet! he then rushed inside to the door desperate to go on his walk so we headed out. I tried to saty to shady areas as it had gotten rather warm! Barney busily sniffed about doing lots of scent marking and soaking up all the smells. He found a stick and sat down for a good chew. We had a lovely wander about before it was time to head home. When we got back I let Barney in the garden again while I refreshed his water but he was soon back at the door barking to be let in! He rushed to his bed and I gave him some fuss before leaving :)

Tuesday 24th May; Barney jumped up to me like usual to greet me. We wandered down to Butts meadow and Barney found a stick to chew on. Barney had a very runny tummy today and went to the toilet several times, he was also a little bit sick and kept sitting in the shade for a rest. I spoke to Hanne and she told me to check his gums so I checked his capillary refill and that was fine so it must have been something Barney had eaten that had just upset his tummy. I decided to stick to butts meadow and not wander too far from home and stick to the shade. Barney plodded along an kept stopping to lay down and just chew on any stick he could find. So after our plod about and a good lot of chewing from Barney it was time to head back. I made sure he had lots of water and gave him a small treat form my bag for getting on his bed as I didn't want to upset his tummy thurther.

Monday 23rd May; Today we wandered down to Butts meadow where we bumped in to some nice people with their Collie, Aston. Aston was very focused on his game of fetch and his owners came and gave Barney lots of fuss while Aston ran about with his ball. Barney lapped up all the attention they gave him then we carried on up the hill. We went in to the second fiedl where Barney did lots of scent marking and sniffing. We walked right to the top to the school fields and walked around before it was time to head home. Barney had a good walk and when we got back he had a big drink. I gave him some fuss and some treats before leaving.

Thursday 19th May; Barney headed out for his walk with me. We headed up Pancake Woods where Barney had a great time sniffing and exploring along the path ways and around the trees. It was nice and cool for him up there and he thoroughly enjoyed his walk. I gave him lots of fuss and some treats too before heading back.

Wednesday 18th May; Barney ran to the door to greet me excitedly today, I gave him a good fuss and we headed out. We walked up the road and wandered up through the alleys towards shooters way. Barney had a good sniff along through all the hedges as we went. We bumped in to a Lab called Henry, Barney layed on the floor and let him have a quick sniff as he passed then we carried on up. We crossed over and went down in to the fields, we followed the footpath up and walked along the top of the ploughed field. Barney had a good snuffle through the hedges seeing if he could find anything interesting, he couldn't;t find any sticks to chew but was happy enjoying the lovely scents before heading home. As I was leaving Jim arrived home which Barney was very pleased about and I said good bye :)

Tuesday 17th May; Barney was asleep infront of the door today, he quickly jumped up eager to go o his walk. We wandered down the road to Butts meadow and had a walk around there while playing with a stick. Barney stopped to have a good old chew and the stick crumbled up. We then cut through town and past the canal in to the castle. Barney had a good snoop about on the hill sides taking in all the interesting smelly and doing lots of scent marking before it was time to be heading home. When we got back Barney had a good long drink then jumped on his lovely new bed for his treat :)

Monday 16th May; Barney greeted em at the door excited for his walk and gave me a good lick as I put his lead on and we headed out. We walked through the alleys then walked down Dennys lane to explore the footpath we hadn't been along before. We said hello to a man and his very old Jack Russell who wasn't very interested in Barney then headed down the path in to the woods. It was lovely and quiet through there and Barney did lots of scent marking and sniffing about, it was a lovely walk and after we got right to the other side it was time to turn tail and head home. Barney had a lovely time sniffing about and on the way back he found a stick to play with. When we got home Barney had a good drink and watched me leave while he was chewing up his treat :)

Friday 13th May; Barney was sleeping by the door when I arrived and was pleased to see me. We got ready and then made our way through the Sports Centre field and onto the canal. Barney looked really happy and seemed to be enjoying his walk! Along the canal we saw lots of ducklings which was super cute. Barney enjoyed seeing the ducks! We made our way to Northchurch before it was time to head back again. Barney was getting hot on the way back so I took him home for a drink. He saw me to the door as I left.

Thursday 12th May; Barney was waiting at the window for me then jumped at the door as I walked in, it slammed shut so I had a second attempt. Barney jumped all over me so excited for his walk. I got him in to a sit and put his lead on. When he was calmer I opened the door and we headed out. We wandered up the alley again today, I thought as the weather was nicer it would be a good walk. We crossed over at shooters way and headed down in to the field. We walked around the ploughed bit today and tried to stay in the shade a bit as Barney got quite warm. We played a bit of hunt the treat but Barney was having lots of fun just investigating and sniffing along. He did lots of scent marking along the way too. It was soon time to be heading back for home. When we got back I filled up Barneys water bowl and got him a yummy treat as he jumped on his bed.

Wednesday 11th May; Barney jumped up and let out a big WOOF! as i arrived today, he couldn't wait to get out on his walk and we headed out. It was raining a bit but this didn't bother Barney was we headed up the long alley ways towards shooters way. There where lots of interesting scents and Barney had a good investigate. When we got to the top we crossed over and followed a little footpath through a wooded area and down in to some fields. Barney had great fun investigating this new place and did lots of scent marking and rummaging about in the hedges before it was time to be heading home! When we got back barney was quite wet so I gave him a good dry down and he gave my face a good lick as I did so! He jumped on his bed and I gave him a tasty treat :)

Tuesday 10th May; Barney was laying on his back with his feet in the air when I arrived today. He quickly hopped up to his feet and rushed over to give me lots of kisses! We decided to have a wander along to the sports centre today. Barney found a nice chunky stick to have a good chew on before dropping it at my feet to play a game! We played with he stick for a while before heading down to the canal. Barney did a lovely sit for me at the road and was very well behaved with passing dogs on the canal today :) Barney had a poorly tummy today bless him. We carried on along the canal then up to butts meadow where there where lots of people. When we got up to the road a woman said how lovely and well behaved Barney was and she gave him lots of fuss which he was very pleased with! We said good bye to the nice woman and headed home. When we got back Barney gulped down the water I gave him then hopped on his bed ready for his treat :)

Monday 9th May; It was lovely to see Barney today, he greeted me at the front door and I gave him a good fuss. We decided to head down the hill on to the canal today, Barney chased a few ducks and had a dip in the river to have a drink to cool off! We then headed up to the castle, there was a nice breeze as we wandered round and Barney had fun sniffing through the long grass checking out all the exciting smells! Barney did lots of scent marking as well to make sure all the other dogs knew he had been through there too! When we got to butts meadow we still had a little time left so we played some fetch and hunt the treat. The grass had been cut so barney had to have a good route around in the cut grass to find the treats, he had lots of fun! :) When we got home Sharon was in and Barney disappeared in to the garden to find her. I refreshed Barneys water and had a quick chat with Sharon before saying good bye to Barney as he watched me out the window :)

Friday 6th May; Barney was pleased to see me and he and I walked through the footpaths over to Shootersway then through the ploughed fields. The sun bore down on us and Barney was soon panting away so we kept to the tree line to give him some shade and slowed our pace. Barney enjoyed soaking up the scents along the way and ensured he placed his own scents at strategic points on route so other dogs would know Barney had passed by. Soon it was time to turn tail and head back to the house where I refreshed Barney's water and he munched on a couple of my doggie treats. I left Barney having a nose out the window as I left. See attached photo.

Thursday 5th May; Barney sprung to life and was ready for his walk. Today my Boyfriend came out on our walk and Barney was happy for the extra company. Along Charles Street we bumped into Lottie the Shnauser who I will be walking later so we said Hello. We made our way down to the sports centre and then along the canal for our walk. Barney found some sticks to play with and had a nice time sniffing around. We walked to Northchurch before heading back. Barney really liked my boyfriend and when he got in the car Barney didn't want him to go and sat down in protest! So my boyfriend had to walk to the door with us so Barney would go inside. Barney had a big drink and then lay on the floor to cool off.

Wednesday 4th May; Barney was sat at the front door waiting for me today, he got very excited and gave me a good lick before heading out. We wandered down the hill and got on to the canal. Barney had a good nose at the big Swan sitting in her nest protecting her eggs on the river! We strolled along and Barney took in all the sights and smells. When we got near the river Barney was panting away and stopped for a nice drink! We then went up in to the castle which was quite nice and shaded on one side so we had a nice cool down. When we got home Barney gt on his bed while I refreshed his water and got him a tasty treat :)

Tuesday 3rd May; Barney was on his bed when I arrived today, he didn't even notice me come in, he continued to give himself a good lick while I grabbed his lead then suddenly realised I was there! He sprung up and I gave him lots of cuddles as I haven't seen him for a while. We headed towards the sports centre where barney found a nice big stick to have a chew on :) We wandered around then headed down to the canal where we bumped in to an old Jack russell and Barney was very well behaved. We carried on down the canal and Barney enjoyed a good long sniff. We had a lovely walk before it was time to head home. When we got back I refreshed Barneys water and he sat on his bed ready for his treat :)

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