Sunday 17th July am; Well I think I'm losing the plot as this morning Tilly wasn't in the house, despite me closing the flap down so no cats could get out of the house.  The flap red tab was still across so I can't fathom out how Tilly has got out. On a positive if Tilly has been getting out that means I may have just been missing Stan these last few days as the food has been eaten all week.  This morning I sorted out the cats food and gave them the last can of tuna, hoping that this will entice them back in time to see mum and dad back from their hols.  Please do call to keep me posted on the cats so I know they're ok.

Saturday 16th July am; I got to the house around 7am this morning and Stan wasn't in. Tilly weaved around me and was looking for lots of fuss and strokes.  I washed up the bowls - all the tuna from the night before had been eaten.  I changed the water and checked the litter and popped off the light and gave Tilly some of the treats on top of her food.  I called around for Stan but he didn't appear.

PM; Tilly was in the hallway ready for me and meowed hello. She weaved around me and loved all the fuss.  Stan again wasn't around, so I went into the garden and called around for him again and out the front.  Tilly pottered around the house with me as I called for Stan and then set about preparing their dinner.  I pushed the red tab across on the flap and hope to see Stan in the morning.  I have been keeping your mum up to date with the situation as I am very concerned.

Friday 15th July am; Tilly was upstairs but Stan wasn't around again, so I am worried.  I called your mum to have a chat about this as I have been looking for Stan mornings and evenings.  I gave Tilly lots of fuss and sorted out their food and checked the tray before having another look for Stan.

PM; I went to the house about 8pm hoping to catch both the cats. Only Tilly was around.  I took my friend Cath along with me to help me look for Stan, but all we found was a small little dog wandering around the front of the property.  I sorted out the cats food and then gave them some tuna, hoping that I will see Stan in the morning once I locked down the red tab.

Thursday 14th July am; Tilly was upstairs and enjoyed a good fuss, but Stan wasn't around which worries me as I didn't see him last night.  I opened up the red tab on the flap and called out for Stan in the garden and front.  This morning I prepared the little ones breakfast including some tasty tuna in the hope that this may encourage Stan back.  Tilly wasted no time in tucking into her breakfast.

PM; Both cats were out and about this evening so I wiped down their mat, refreshed their water and food and popped on the hall light and locked down the red tab on the flap.  I went for a scout around the back and front of the property looking for the cats and particularly Stan, but they were no where to be seen.

Wednesday 13th July; Tilly and Stan had eaten all their tuna but decided not to touch their dried food, so I washed up their bowls and refreshed their water and topped up their dried with some sprinkling of treats so they could enjoy a lovely feast.

PM; The little ones were out when I arrived, I locked down their red tab and hope I will see them in the morning for strokes and fuss.  They hadn't eaten much of their food from this morning, so I changed their water, topped up their food and added some more treats on top.

Tuesday 12th July; I washed up the cats bowls and opened the flap and the little ones must have sneaked by as I didn't spot them this morning.  I opened up a can of tuna and prepared a lovely breakfast for them. 

PM; The little ones were out when I arrived and I walked to the bottom of the garden and shook the treats and called out for them.  Tilly and Stan must be out on adventures as they didn't appear, so I set about preparing their food and fresh water hoping to see them tomorrow.

Monday 11th July; Stan was in the front room when I arrived and enjoyed a head rub, however I heard a loud thud upstairs so went to investigate.  Tilly and another cat were under the bed (he was black and white with a collar on).  I shoo'd him out and took him into the garden - he was very panicky, so I think he must have come in and not been able to get out, bless him.  Tilly and Stan however seemed non plussed which was good.  I gave them lots of fuss and prepared their breakfast and cleaned out their litter before turning off the lights and saying goodbye.

PM; The little ones pottered around me as I said hello and I checked their litter and sorted out their food. Tilly stretched and enjoyed a head rub as I chatted away to them both.  Their tray was clean and I wiped over their mat before saying goodbye.

Sunday 10th July PM; Tilly gave me a lovely warm welcome when I arrived and stretched before weaving around me.  She definately knows my voice I think.  As I chatted to her and made a fuss I called out for Stan and pottered around looking for him.  Stan wasn't in, so I locked the red side of the flap as instructed and prepared the little ones dinner.  Tilly had a little munch as I checked the litter and popped on the hall lights before saying goodbye for this evening.