Bank Holiday Tuesday 28th December; Nelson was in the lounge on the floor looking over towards the telly.  He meowed hello and I picked him up for a long cuddle.  I checked how he leg is doing as Nelson still looks like he's walking a little awkwardly and then he watched me as I cleaned out his litter, swept up and washed up his bowls.  I gave Nelson lots of strokes and he was more interested in these than his breakfast this morning.  I took the rubbish out around the back and told Nelson his mum and dad would be back later.

Bank Holiday Monday 27th December; Nelson is enjoying listening to the radio, this morning it was Christmas carols.  He stretched and meowed quietly hello when I walked in.  I sat with Nelson and he purred as I gave him lots of fuss and strokes.  He shook his collar and I gave him a scratch around his neck which he enjoyed.  After lots of strokes, I set about cleaning the litter and preparing Nelson's breakfast of fresh Whiskas and Go Cat - what a feast.  Nelson however went to the cat flap, looked at me and meowed hoping I would let him out.  I told him I couldn't however have him a good stroke again as a comfort.

Boxing Day Sunday 26th December; Nelson yawned and stretched from the sofa when he heard me arrive.  He purred gently and turned around in circles enjoying his back and head rub.  I emptied out the litter tray and refreshed it all and swept around as Nelson looked like he'd been having a litter party yesterday.  I then washed up his bowls and prepared his breakfast.  He wondered in to have a sniff of his wet food then went back into the lounge for a little wash.  i gave Nelson some more strokes and he looked ready to go back to bed - it's a cat's life!

Christmas Day Saturday 25th December; Nelson had done some whoppers in his litter tray so I wished him Merry Christmas and sorted out his tray first.  Then Nelson enjoyed lots of strokes and a nose rub (he seems to like this) and he weaved around me.  We then went back to the kitchen and Nelson watched as I chatted to him and washed up his bowls, changed his water and then prepared his food.  I used to the mop to wipe up where some water from his drink had splashed then Nelson tucked into his food happy with his hearty breakfast.

Christmas Eve Friday 24th December; Nelson was sat on the floor in the lounge watching something that I couldn't see with fascination.  I called to him and he was transfixed, and I called again then he turned and said "hello".  I gave Nelson a long cuddle on the sofa and he enjoyed a head rub.  He had managed to get the piece of bandage off his collar, although the collar was in tact and going nowhere.  I gave his neck a rub as he must be feeling a little achy there and Nelson purred.  I carried Nelson to the kitchen where he could enjoy his breakfast.  I cleaned out the litter tray and swept around it and washed up Nelson's bowls and changed his water.  I told Nelson to be a good boy and I would see him for Christmas tomorrow.

Thursday 23rd December; Nelson was on the sofa again this morning and I sat with him and gave him lots of strokes.  He was a bit sleepy and purred very gently and quietly.  Nelson sniffed my hand and then enjoyed a gentle nose rub.  He came and half sat on my lap and then after some cuddles decided it was time for breakfast.  I washed up Nelson's bowls and he tucked into his wet food as I changed his water and cleaned up his litter tray.  I popped some post that had arrived onto the kitchen worktop and left Nelson happily munching down.

Wednesday 22nd December; Nelson was snoozing on the sofa in the lounge this morning.  I gave him a long stroke which he enjoyed and chatted away to him.  I wiped over his mat, changed his water and washed up his wet food bowl.  Nelson tucked into his breakfast of Whiskas and I topped up his dried food.  I then cleaned out the litter tray and popped the tops from the washing machine over the clothes dyer on the radiator and folded the towels that were on the dryer on to the ottoman in the bedroom (hoping Nelson won't sit on them and get hair on them)!  Nelson seemed very happy munching away and having the radio on I think is helping him have some noise for comfort.  I said goodbye to Nelson after giving him plenty more fuss and a quick check on his front leg area.  See attached.