Friday 4th June AM; I chatted to Molly as she watched me from her run sort out her breakfast.  I refilled her dried food, then popped in some of the last leaves of cabbage and broccoli, plus a corn stick and an apple.  I add fresh hay to her basket and popped some in her bedroom as I know she likes to munch through that first and changed her water.  Ant sat in the run around watching me sort out his food too.  Ant had the same as Molly and I also added hay into his bedroom area and changed his water.  The broccoli is on its last legs now, and there's just apples left too.  All the other fresh food has been used, or like the carrots had to be thrown as they had rotted.  I then said goodbye to Ant and handed back the gate opener to Molly and Ant's dad.

Thursday 3rd June AM; Molly enjoyed lots of strokes this morning before she hopped out of her bedroom, then she munched on the grass as I prepared her breakfast. Molly had eaten everything so I gave her dried mix, cabbage and broccoli plus some hat and fresh water. Ant had eaten all his food and I refreshed this and his water while he sat and looked on. I chatted to him then said goodbye til later.

PM; Its been very hot today and Molly was stretched out this evening on the grass.  I sorted out her dinner and ummed and arrred over what to do with shutting her into her bedroom and decided it was just too hot and she's safer being cool with the flap open.  I hope that's ok.  Meanwhile I sorted out Ant's food and he was non-plussed by the weather and both little ones enjoyed a nibble stick as a treat too.

Wednesday 2nd June AM; I let Molly out of the bedroom and she hopped onto the grass after I gave her some strokes which she seemed to enjoy.  I added some more hay and straw for her bedding as she had eaten this again, then changed her food and water.  This morning the carrots have started to turn and rot, so I have had to throw them away.  So both Ant and Molly had some of their dried food, celery, broccoli and cabbage leaves.  I added some drops into their bowls as well.  Ant was more brave today and came out into the run area to see what was going on.  I left Molly munching and Ant sat in the corner eyeing up a guinea pig nibble stick I had added into his bowl.  I am consulting later so Louise will be caring for Ant and Molly.

PM; Molly was in her run when I arrived. She hopped straight into her bed as if she knew the routine. I gave her some cuddles and then she settled down in her bed. I gave Molly some Broccoli pieces for her dinner and left her to munch away as I left. Ant dashed around in his cage when I went to say Hello. I made sure he was OK and gave him some brocolli for his dinner. It was lovely to meet them both this evening.

Tuesday 1st June AM; Molly was dozy this morning and after some strokes she seemed more alert.  I sorted out her breakfast and water and popped some more straw into her bedroom area as she had eaten some of this since yesterday.  Molly seemed to want to have a lie-in and decided to stay in her bedroom, and I couldn't blame her as the weather is a lot more dull and overcast today. Ant hopped out into his run area this morning as I gave him some more mixed food, carrot and cabbage leaves.  I left his apple in the hutch as he hasn't nibbled on it yet.  I gave him some hay in his bedroom as he too had eaten all his since yesterday.  I then said goodbye until later.

PM; Molly and Ant hadn't eaten much of their fresh or dried food today, instead they had munched on their hay.  So, I popped some more hay into their hutches and a top up of broccoli and carrot then popped Molly into her bedroom for the night.  Both Molly and Ant looked very snug when I said goodbye.

Bank Holiday Monday 31st May AM; Molly enjoyed lots of strokes this morning, so much so she almost couldn't be bothered to hop out into her run.  While Molly sat in her running she watched me clean out her bedroom, brush it down and refresh the newspaper and bedding.  I refreshed her hay and water, then prepared a hearty breakfast of munch, carrot, celery, cabbage and some drops and a nibble bar.  Ant sat as usual watching me from the safety of his bedroom as I changed his water, and this morning he enjoyed carrot, cabbage, an apple, plus his mix food.  I left Molly watching me leaving while a long haired black and white cat ran alongside me as I walked up the driveway.  I said goodbye to the man paining the railings.

PM; Molly and Ant had eaten some of their breakfast, so I added some more hay and vegetables to their bowls and gave Molly a stroke when she hopped into her bedroom.  Ant preferred to just observe what was going on, not feeling so brave.

Sunday 30th AM; Molly was very good this morning letting me stroke her as I opened up her hutch and she hopped out.  I prepared her breakfast - dried mix, carrot, celery, cabbage and a nibble stick.  I changed her water and popped some hay for her to munch on and she pottered around the grass in her run.  Ant decided to stand by the entry/exit of his bedroom to watch me sort his breakfast out.  Not being as confident he stayed away as I prepared his meal of dried food, carrot, broccoli, celery and a stick.  I popped some hay into his bedroom as he had eaten all the hay from yesterday.  I left the little ones having a munch.

PM; Molly was dozing on the grass in her run while neighbours towards the back were being fairly nosy with the radio and having a BBQ.  I sorted out Molly's dinner and popped some more fresh hay into her bedroom area as she had eaten it all, then she hopped into her bed for a munch down.  I picked her up and she and I had a lovely long cuddle.  I cradled her in my arms and Molly looked like she was falling asleep as I gently rubbed her head and under her chin.  I said goodnight then saw to Ant.  He was sat with his head out of the bedroom watching me refill his food and his face appeared to 'light up' when I put some yoghurt drops in the bowl.  He too had eaten his hay, so I placed more inside his hutch, then said goodbye.

Saturday 29th May PM; Molly was sat outside in her run area hutched up to avoid the heavy rain, while Ant was in his hutch peeking out to see who was there.  I cleaned out Ant's hutch and popped this into the bin, then gave him fresh dried food, carrots, broccoli, and some celery and hay.  I changed his water and he decided to sit under his new straw in his bedroom area until I had finished.  Then I scooped out the poop from Molly's bedroom and popped in some fresh hay, changed her water and prepared her dinner - rabbit mix, cabbage leaves, a carrot and some broccoli.  The rain was coming down even harder, so I popped her into her bedroom and shut the door so she could munch down on her food and get dry and warm.